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How to Create a Soul-Aligned Luxury Brand with Elva Li

How do you create a high-end, luxury brand that aligns with your soul? Luxury Branding Coach Elva Li joins us today to discuss exactly that.

Elva is more than just a coach—she’s also a creative director and speaker. She helps female founders create a soul-aligned luxury brand so they can land high-end clients and increase their income and impact.

During the episode, Elva shares why it’s so important to have an authentically aligned business and the steps necessary to create one. She also discusses the internal barriers most people face when building a luxury brand and how the work she does helps her clients overcome these obstacles so they can realize their true desires.

On this episode of the Live. Love. Engage. podcast:

  • Why Elva says her role as a Luxury Branding Coach is the perfect sweet spot for her.
  • Why it’s important for your brand to be aligned with you.
  • How Elva helps her clients overcome doubt and own their value.
  • What business owners can accomplish when they dismiss their limiting beliefs.
  • How Elva’s upbringing initially limited her own personal and professional growth.
  • The importance of being able to look at your life from different perspectives.
  • Why people tend to struggle to say what they want.
  • The create aspects of Elva’s work she loves the most.
  • Why taking action is crucial for luxury branding success.
  • The two-sided approach Elva takes with her clients to help them master their branding.
  • What Elva wishes she knew sooner and how she’s found peace with it.
  • The offer Elva is looking forward to creating next.
  • What she’s curious to know more about.
  • The empowering challenge Elva wants to leave with the listener.

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You’re listening to the live love engage podcast. on today’s show how to create a high end luxury brand that aligns with your soul. Stay tuned. I am Gloria Grace Rand, founder of the love method and author of the number one, Amazon Best seller live love, engage how to stop doubting yourself and start being yourself.

In this podcast, we share practical advice from a spiritual perspective on how to live fully love, deeply and engage authentically. So you can create a life and business with impact, influence and income. Welcome to live love, engage

Namaste and welcome to another edition of live love, engage. And I am delighted to have a guest with us today who is coming to us all the way from the other side of the world.

In fact, it’s tomorrow where she is Because she is Elva Li and she is coming to us from Melbourne Australia. And I wanna welcome you first off, too. Live love, engage. Oh, thank you so much, Gloria. Thank you for having me today. I appreciate it because you are quite the powerhouse young woman and I, I love what you’re doing in the world.

So for those of you who want to know who are listening and watching today, let me, let me share a little bit about what Elva is up to in the world. She is a luxury branding coach, a creative director and speaker, and she helps female coaches and founders create a soul aligned luxury brand so that they can land high end clients and increase their influence income.

And Impact. And she has appeared on been featured actually on the Australian business journal and has been seen on ABC, CBS, Fox and more. And now she’s gracing us with her presence. And I would love to know… we’re gonna get in. We’re gonna really talk about how to create a soul aligned luxury brand.

But I wanna just first start off with if you would to share with our listeners and viewers on YouTube a little bit about what got you interested in pursuing this particular line of work and, and type of coaching, to be able to really help, help women in particular creating that luxury brand.

That’s a great question. I think that is actually my sweet spot, but because I actually has 10 years of experience in business advisory and I’m have an eye for luxury branding. I always love brand styling and also I’m interpersonal development and has been trade and, NLP practitioner and a coach.

So this area work is kind of like a sweet spot for me combined Not only what I’m good at,wWhat I really love to do, but also, the things that I can help people to, up level in their brand and attract high end clients. So I’m very grateful. I find this sweet spot. I will call it, but it’s not always a simple journey to find what lights you up and also what you can help with others.

I call it, the journey is always beautiful, but it’s not always pretty sometimes up and downs and in your way to find what lights you up, what’s your soul’s calling and what other people’s want is a journey. I appreciate so much, but I grow a lot and I’m very grateful. I’m here today. Yeah.

Yeah. I can relate to that as well, because it is, it is a journey and I like how you say that. It’s, it’s, it’s beautiful, but it’s not always pretty. That’s a good way to put that. That’s really cool. Why, you know, it was interesting cause I have, I have talked with other folks before who, who deal with, you know, really helping to attract like high, high level clients and, and, you know, high quality clients and that, and I know this is something that a lot of entrepreneurs and women in particular, especially when they’re first starting out, sometimes it’s, it’s.

It, they want to be able to help people. And yet at the same time they wanna grow their business. But finding, you know, that way to be able to attract high quality people is, can be challenging. So I like that you refer to this as actually a soul aligned luxury brand, not, not just, you know, a plain old ordinary luxury brand, but something that really connects with your inner work.

So why is that so important? Because without alignment. It’s just like, I can give you the most beautiful branding, most impactful message. But if it’s not aligned with you, you feel like putting a mask of someone you are not, and you just can’t live on brand every day. And people can feel, nowadays people buy brands because they can trust, relate and connect.

But if you are not having a brand aligned with who you truly are, you can’t really connect with the audience that way. So that high end brand is one part, but so alignment is really Important. And my work is all about helping women embody the luxury brand they are. And I always say luxury is not about Dior or Chanel.

No. It’s actually about standing your high worth and owning your lead and power to lead and inspire. Oh, yeah. I love that. Yeah. One of the things that I, I like to teach people about, and actually I wrote about my book is the importance of valuing your uniqueness. So, because that is so important because yeah, when you’re trying to compare yourself to others or, or you feel that you have to emulate other business owners or how they’re doing it, you’re right.

That the, your potential clients can really sense that, and they’re not going to necessarily resonate with you. You, you touched on something there that I, I think is important or, or maybe I, I wanna be able to expand, have you expand on it a little bit more though. Is, do you, let me phrase it this way, when you’re working with a client, do you find that.

Sometimes there’s this feeling of imposter syndrome, maybe that they’re not that they have trouble trying to be able to step into that high value. And, and how do you help if, if that’s so, then how do you help them to really own that value? Yeah, that’s such a great question. Actually. I would say. Almost 100% of my clients somehow will have that kind of doubt and imposter syndrome.

And thinking to some extent they’re not good enough for the work they’re doing. So that’s why I incorporate the inner work. That’s what I call it, cuz my work has, three aspects. One is the inner work. It’s about mindset and helping them embody the luxury brand and the queen they are and claiming their power.

Then only after the inner work, we move on to the outer work. It’s learn the strategy to position yourself as a luxury brand and also create the online presence that reflect the superstar you are. And the last stage is the higher work. It’s about create a soul alignment and also co-create a universe and leave your legacy.

So the three phases interact together because just as I mentioned in the beginning, if you are not embodying, if you are thinking, you are not good enough, if you are worried, what people will say. Once you put yourself out there, then all the outta work I give you makes no sense. So, the first stage I work with clients is really digging to their mindset.

And is there any limiting beliefs they put on themselves? Cuz Personal brand to some extent is about you. By that same time, I always say, it’s not about you. It’s about your message. Once you put your message out there, some people will say yes, some people will say no and you need to be okay with that and be the leader to embody your work.

And those who resonate with your message will continue the journey with you. And also it’s about. Mindset about money, fame, because lots of clients were worried. Will, if I talking about I’m a luxury brand, will people judge me? If I starting to have the fame, what people will think of me? So that’s all the mindset work we need to address in the beginning, because for example, money, money doesn’t make you a good person or bad person it’s neutral.

It actually amplify who you already are. If you have a beautiful soul, if you’re here to do the great work money actually amplify that, and same that as fame, you can use your influence to do good things in the world and make the world a better place. So those are all the inner work we need to do first.

And once we starting to uncover those limiting beliefs and change it to a positive thinking, then the outer work can really start to work its magic. I love that. Yeah, it’s so important cuz I, I know I’ve, I’ve gone through this in my journey of having to deal with that same type of thing and figuring out these limiting beliefs and, and being able to release that.

And I love that you’re helping women do that. It’s so important. Would you share a little bit about your journey in doing this. I mean, have you run into what has been maybe your own personal challenges in getting this type of, your own personal branding going? Yeah. I think. From my background, I was grown up as a good girl in Shanghai.

So, due to the culture there, you always listen to what your parents said and follow the traditional career path, success. And, that’s kind of, limiting my business growth of finding my own brand the beginning, because even when I moved to here Australia by myself, I feel like I’m not different. I moved to a different country, I’ll start new, but actually I was following the same path.

I follow what other people say or tell me to do in the business. Didn’t really understand what I, what my brand is, what my soul desire is. And, so basically I was following the same good girl path. And my realization point is,, when I started to really listen to my heart and uncover my brand essence, listen to my soul desire.

And I started to attract the people that really resonates with my message. So I will say it’s a journey of saying goodbye to good girl and really shine bright as who I really am. And that’s how I uncover my own brand essence and help my clients to do the same. so, back to the quote in the beginning, it’s not always beautiful.

But it’s not always pretty, but it’s always beautiful. And, we’ll never arrive. Sometimes you are thinking, oh, I feel like I already overcome this. I’m not good enough so Why I have the same thought again? I will say it’s always a journey and it’s like a layer peel layer layer sometimes. the same problem will come back again and it here to remind us, there are something deep we need to work on.

Again, it’s not about there’s something wrong with us, but just it’s a journey and no one ever arrived and we need to constantly grow. And, if there is a message, the universe want us to dig deep into that. Again, we just need to look at it again, but the same time this time we are equipped with more like tools, guides, and, we can look at the issue from this different perspective and get back to our high life status quick.

Absolutely. Yeah. And that’s why I always recommend that people work with a coach because you’re right. It, things will continue to come up just, and I’ve had this in my own life as well. And with other clients I’ve seen it. Is that just when you kind of think you’re, you’re getting somewhere, you know, something else happens, but that is how we continue to keep growing.

We have to keep growing and expanding and, and learning new lessons. And so it is important. And it’s important to work with someone who can help you cuz I I’m sure you probably found this is that with your clients, sometimes they, they don’t maybe see things that you can see really easily. Have you, have you found that? yes.

What are, what are, what are some of those things, you know, what are some of the, like the limiting beliefs that you found that like your clients will come to you with? Yeah. One is, When I ask them, what do you really want? lots of clients will say, oh, I don’t know. But actually they know they just afraid to declare their soul desire.

So that’s one thing. I always challenge them to unapologetically declare what they desire. Even it’s a beautiful pair of shoes. It’s not about materialistic or what people will think of you. I will say it’s between you and universe. Your desire, the, for a reason, not everyone have the same desire. So, that’s one thing.

And the other, common one is the ones I mentioned is about money and fame. We all have some limiting beliefs about money, about being rich, being famous. So these are the, like the most common limiting beliefs. Yeah, this is true. it’s amazing. And, and I, I know it’s, a lot of times it’s things that we’ve, we just picked up when we were kids, you know, it’s things for, probably from our parents or maybe even, and then they picked up from their parents.

So it goes back generations. And that’s why you, when you talk about the onion, it’s gonna take some layers sometimes to peel all that back and be able to step into it. So. What gets you really excited about the work you’re doing? when, when you’re, when you’re working with a client, what, what really makes you feel good?

Yeah. I think there are two aspects really like me up very every day. One is, I get to help my clients bring their vision to life. So because of creative work, I do, I kind of helping them to translate something just pure, on paper, into something, visual into something. Unleash the thing into the world.

So that’s so satisfying for me and the other is I help them to create alignment and help them shine bright as really who they are. Because as we talk about all those limiting beliefs, all those inner work and outer work. Once you started to work on these and you become a different person in the process and you become more confident, you become more aligned.

And when I see my clients before and after the energy, they exude and the confidence, confidence, they have to shine bright as who they are. That’s something I always, just bring a smile onto my face and I feel that’s the meaning of my work. And I’m so grateful I can be on this journey with my client together.

Yeah, absolutely. It’s it is a wonderful thing when you can see your clients blossom and, and isn’t it nice when they like actually take, you know, they take suggestions from and, and implement them, I think is a wonderful thing, too. And, and then you can see that what you’re teaching them is actually, works.

Yeah. The action is important. Because if you don’t take action, it’s just like you’re saying, I’m going to manifest. It’s always in your mind, but you never take aligned inspired action then how universe meet you there. So, yeah. Action is really important. One question I’d like to ask, I guess from time to time is, what do you wish you had known when you started out on this adventure we call life?

Well, that’s such a great question. I think there are lots of things we learned along the journey and, we always will have a, like a thing fantasy. Like what if I know back then, but at the same time, I kind of making peace with my Life, with my past. And I understand nothing I can change about that.

I think some of the things make you, insane or make you, like, unless you worry if you wish you could change something in the past. So I starting to make, make peace with my past, I learned the wisdom, but I now stop wishing I could change it because the person back then is not the person now. And I love both of me.

And, I think seeing myself, grow and change, by the time past. And, it’s a beautiful gift for me too. So. If I have the chance to go back, I will still be myself, but more gentle to me and then know everything’s working out. The universe always has my back. And, the journey is the thing I need to savor and, cherish.

Absolutely. you know, you, you mentioned early on that you, I guess what’s the correct word. Emmigrated, right? as emigrated to Australia from, from Shanghai. So what was that like? I mean, cuz as you say, you, you went there all by yourself, you know, you moved to a whole new country, a new culture. What was that experience like?

Especially when you first, when you first got there? Yeah. I would say I would, I’m a really great girl back then. I didn’t know anyone in Australia. I just packing my bag and move here by myself. And, I think the world will be different and I want to explore. Luckily, I got, English, I speak English back in China.

So, the language barriers, not that big and the culture, especially in Melbourne is very welcoming, so it really helped me settle down. So it’s a multicultural city. I get to meet different people and embrace the different personality and culture difference. and also I think Melbourne very encouraging entrepreneurship.

That’s why I that’s the first time I started to see women actually can start their own business. And, those cultures, those female entrepreneurs is like, broaden my mind. And I, I think it’s kind of, Tiffany box from the universe show me what the future can be looked like. So I’m very grateful.

I have open mind. And, also because I was young, I’m still young. I was young back then and can really adapt really well. Yeah. I think that that definitely does help, being, being young. And so would you, what do you think about, I mean, I don’t know if you still, if you get to travel and of course, okay.

We’re not gonna, we’re not gonna count, you know, the past two years, I know that’s been dicey with traveling, but is that something that you like to do in general and, And especially, do you still travel like by yourself and, and what, what’s your thoughts? Especially on like women traveling alone. Oh, I love travel back then.

I remember just before the, Like the whole world lockdown. I went to Paris to have did a summer course study. And just by myself, when I really enjoy traveling the city, just take my own time working on the streets. I feel like it’s a different thing where you travel with friends and family and loved ones.

It’s a love, lovely feeling. But at the same time, I also require some personal space to explore just walking on the street taste a croissant by myself and I got inspiration from the travel, from the food, from the culture and from the, like me time. So it is really important for me. I understand now the world is a bit different, but I think everything starting to open up again, and I think travel definitely is on my list.

And that also thinking about kind of develop my program to incorporate my desire for travel. So it’s like a destination branding experience. I can take my clients all over the world to do branding, but also explore their feminine nature as well. Wow. That would be awesome. So would that be even like are you considering doing like retreats or something like that?

Is that what you’re thinking? Or, or just like a, just sort of a, a nice group trip to be able to, you know, as you say, visit maybe even looking at other high-end brands and something like that. Yeah. It can be a group trip or I also want to do like a special one on one customized day for some clients like VIP clients, like take them to different places and really design the day for them.

And that actually is a good segue, cuz I was gonna ask you. So how do you, do you work with clients generally? Just one on one or do you, do you do any type of group program or how does that work? Yeah. So, because I really love the one-on-one work. So, so far, most of my clients I work with is only one on one, but also I understand the limitation.

If I just work with one on, on, I can’t help as many people as I want. So in the, later half of this year, I’m going to launch on, I call it both mentoring plus mastermind. So it’s a small intimate group, but also it has my eye on their brand and also like a group environment so that I can not only serve more people, but also let them surround themselves with other like-minded women.

That sounds like that’ll be a very good experience for people. And I think it’ll be, I think it’ll be a success I’m sure because, oh, thank you. Yeah. You’re, you’re doing great work in the world and I have, I have no doubt about it. What, what are you curious about right now? I’m curious about lots of things like, cuz the world is open.

What’s the next destination? And my next program, working with my client and I have always open minded towards even every day, every morning. What I say in my, after my meditation is thank you for the brain use and the gift from the universe for me today. So every day I have a curious mind and treat life every day as a like gift as a presence.

just like a birthday girl, you are about to discover and what’s in that for me today. I like that. is there anything else that I should have asked you about, you know, when we’re talking about soul aligned luxury brands or anything else that you think would be important for our audience to hear today. I think you asked lots of great questions.

I think we dive deep into like the, soul work. the inner work and if I want to leave the audience some, Like questions to help them to discover themselves. I would say, how can you really embody your brand every day? How can you unapologetically embody your desire? For example, if let’s say, if you want to go to Paris, but world is not open yet.

Can you play some Paris background music in your living room? Can you buy yourself a beautiful, Bunch of roses and, uh, oh, okay. Put, a beautiful lipstick to remind you of the feeling. So I want to challenge my the audience today to just take one small step to help you embody your desire, embody your higher self embody your next level.

Even it’s just put on some perfume. And what can you do that today? I love that. That’s great advice. So thank you so much. If someone listening to you today says, Hmm, I think I need to work with Elva. What is the best place for people to get in touch with you? Thank you. you can go to my website is and you can find all the information there and would love to help another beautiful soul.

All right. Awesome. Well, I will make sure that I have that in the show notes, for those of you who may be listening somewhere and you don’t have a pen handy. So just go to live love, engage, and you’ll be able to get all that information. And again, thank you so much for starting your day with us today.

And I appreciate what you’re doing and I wish you much success in the rest of this year and, and in the future. Thank you so much once again for having me and I wish the podcast can reach more and more people because I love your podcast. It’s so beneficial. And I love each, every episode cannot wait to listen to this one, myself.

All right. Well, thank you so much. And thank all of you for listening and watching, and I encourage you. If you have gotten value out of this one to share with a friend, you know, let other people know about it. And that would be awesome. And until next time, as always, I encourage you to go out today and every day and live fully, Love deeply and engage authentically.

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Known as The Insightful Copywriter, Gloria Grace Rand is also an inspirational speaker, author and host of the Live. Love. Engage. podcast. Prior to launching her SEO Copywriting business in 2009, Gloria spent nearly two decades in television, most notably as writer and producer for the award-winning PBS financial news program, “Nightly Business Report.”

Gloria turned to writing as a way to communicate, since growing up with an alcoholic father and abusive mother taught her that it was safer to be seen and not heard. But not speaking her truth caused Gloria problems such as overeating, control issues, and an inability to fully trust people. After investing in coaching & personal development programs, and studying spiritual books like “A Course in Miracles,” Gloria healed her emotional wounds. Today, she helps entrepreneurs develop clarity, confidence and connection to the truth of who you are, so you can create a business that has more impact, influence and income!

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