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Why Good Customer Service Skills Matter [INFOGRAPHIC]

customer service Do your employees have good customer service skills? I hope so. Customer service is the key to achieving success in business. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a solopreneuer or the CEO of a Fortune 500 company. Your customers will only remain loyal to your brand if you treat them well. Sure, low prices may get people in the door. But you won’t be able to keep those customers if you mistreat them or ignore them.

Payroll processing company PrimePay has illustrated just how important customer service is to business in a new infographic. Some of the key points that are worth noting include:

      • Poor customer service costs U.S. brands about $40 billion a year
      • 70 percent of companies ignore customer service complaints on Twitter
      • Shoppers who see a brand respond to a negative review are 186 percent more likely to buy

    View the full infographic here:

    customer service skills

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