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How to Go Big in Your Biz in 2014 – FREE Telesummit

How many times have you said to yourself, “THIS is the year my business will finally take off?”

But time flies, and life gets in the way. Unproductive days can turn into weeks and months of a business that flounders or flatlines.

But THIS YEAR WILL BE DIFFERENT FOR YOU AND YOUR BIZ when you start it off right–by listening to 21 experts share their very best secrets to building a profitable business without sacrificing your sanity and your personal life.

No travel required. Listen and learn from wherever you are by phone or computer.

Who you’ll hear: the smartest experts, authors, coaches, and strategists — all handpicked for their expertise in areas like social media, mindset, networking, and sales.

What you’ll get: practical takeaways, real strategies, step-by-step guides…plus gifts and bonuses galore.

What you WON’T get: sales pitches. This is pure training…and tons of it!

Cost: $0.00

The THIS IS THE YEAR Biz Success Telesummit is for you, if you are…

Keeping busy all the time but not generating the income you want.
Networking like crazy but not sure how to convert relationships to revenue.
Spending lots of money on marketing without knowing which tactics are actually bringing in new clients.
Feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and stuck.
Toying with the idea of giving up and getting the dreaded J.O.B.
Sacrificing your relationships and your health for your business and wondering if it will ever be worth it.

Let the experts help!

We know you’re eager for all this knowledge—you started your business so you could serve people, make money, and be in charge of your own life. But the reality of being an entrepreneur often means not enough clients, not enough money, not enough freedom…UNLESS you’re getting trained and mentored by those who have been where you are and know how to bust through and GO BIG—not in 10 years, but THIS YEAR.

Our 21 experts are bringing out all their best stuff for this telesummit and being super generous with their time and knowledge.

Listen in during this info-packed 3-day event on January 10, 11, and 12.

It’s fun, easy to sign up for, super convenient, and FREE… Listen by phone or computer, wherever in the world you happen to be.

Consider the This Is The Year Biz Success Telesummit to be your front row pass to the information, tips, and secrets of 21 entrepreneurial experts giving you secrets and strategies for going BIG with

using social media
generating sales
earning passive income
fighting overwhelm
and so much more!

These professionals in their fields have all graciously offered to donate their time and expertise to help you on the path to your ultimate wellness and self-esteem. Each fun, lively interview is a full hour of valuable information and will be available for listening until the end of the day of its presentation.

P.S. What do you have to lose? Just frustration, overwhelm, and worry. Learn from 21 experts FOR FREE, get tons of gifts, and make THIS YEAR the year you GO BIG…without losing your sanity! to reserve your spot and receive your bonus gift as soon as you register. Then, make sure to pass this information on to anyone you think would like to attend, too.

P.P.S. This call series costs exactly $0.00 and there is no obligation to buy anything ever, but if you ever do, know that I’m an affiliate of this event–which means I believe in the value of what we’re creating together–and I may receive a commission from any sales generated.

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About the Author
An online marketer, SEO copywriter, and speaker for 15+ years, Gloria Grace Rand has helped over 150 companies including AAA and Scholastic Book Fairs attract and convert leads into sales.

Losing her older sister to cancer propelled Gloria on a journey of spiritual awakening that resulted in the publication of her international best-selling book, "Live. Love. Engage. – How to Stop Doubting Yourself and Start Being Yourself."

Known as “The Light Messenger” for her ability to intuitively transmit healing messages of love and light, Gloria combines a unique blend of energy healing techniques, intuition, and marketing expertise to create transformational results for her clients.

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