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Get Speaking Gigs Now with Leisa Reid

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Today we’re joined by Leisa Reid, who is an expert in getting people booked as a speaker. A lot of people are using Zoom and are pivoting the way that they put themselves out there. Leisa Reid is the Founder of Get Speaking Gigs Now and mentors business professionals and entrepreneurs who want to make an impact to attract their ideal clients through speaking.

As a speaker herself, she has successfully booked and delivered over 500 speaking engagements. In her book “Get Speaking Gigs Now” she shares her 7-step system to getting booked and staying booked.

On this episode of the Live. Love. Engage. podcast:

  • Why Leisa’s motto is “better done than perfect”.
  • The number one secret to getting booked as a speaker.
  • Why other speakers are your allies, not your competition.
  • The biggest obstacle to aspiring speakers.
  • How to confront this big obstacle and get to the next step.
  • Why you shouldn’t make monetization an afterthought.
  • The common mistake naturally good speakers make.
  • Common mistakes speakers make booking gigs.
  • The first step you need to take before you start speaking and making offers.
  • How you can attract new clients through speaking.
  • Why it’s important for you to be excited about your offer.
  • How to decide if your offer should cost money or be free.
  • How the pandemic has influenced public speaking online.
  • The one thing that will guarantee that you don’t get any speaking engagements.
  • The secret to getting referred or having a client reach out to you.
  • How you can join Leisa’s Speaker Academy

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Live. Love. Engage. Podcast: Inspiration | Spiritual Awakening | Happiness | Success | Life


[00:00:02] I am Gloria Grace Rand, founder of the Love Method and author of the number one Amazon best seller, Live Love Engage How to Stop Doubting Yourself and start being yourself.

[00:00:15] In this podcast, we share practical advice from a spiritual perspective on how to live fully, love deeply and engage authentically so you can create a life and business with more impact, influence and income.

[00:00:33] Welcome to Live, Love, Engage.

[00:00:37] Namaste and welcome to Live Love engage, I am Gloria Grace Rand, and today I’ve got a guest with me who is an expert on helping people to actually get booked as a speaker.

[00:00:52] And I am excited to learn more from her because I’m a speaker and I’m always wanting to myself selfishly. But, you know, a lot of people these days have been using zoom in this year of covid to to be out there and speaking and having to pivot a little bit because the in-person events have dried up. So I’m curious to hear what Lisa Reid has to say about that. So first off, welcome to Live Love Engage Lisa.

[00:01:23] Oh, my gosh. Thank you guys for having me here today.

[00:01:26] I am delighted to have you. And let me tell you a little bit about this one. As I said, she is an expert in this subject. And in fact, she is the founder of Get Speaking Gigs Now. And she mentors business professionals, professionals and entrepreneurs who want to make an impact and ultimately attract their ideal clients. Through speaking and as a speaker herself, she has successfully booked and delivered over five hundred speaking engagements. Not too shabby. I’ve been busy. Yeah, absolutely. And in her book Get Speaking Gigs now, she actually shares her seven step system to getting getting booked, staying booked and attracting your ideal clients through speaking.

[00:02:12] And I’ll just go ahead and say the website now, and I’ll probably do it again at the end, too. But if you go to get speaking gigs now dot com, you’ll be able to learn more about her. So again, we’re glad to have you here. And yeah, let’s let’s dive right into it, because I know for me, I’ve been speaking for many years and and I know and I’ve even attended trainings with different folks about actually like how to speak number one and come up with your signature story and things like that. And I have actually had my my speaking coach on the podcast earlier in the year. And and I’ve also talked with another coach about, you know, the proper way of using your voice. But if you want to use speaking for your business, you’ve got to get those gigs. So what is what is the number one secret you found to maybe to getting booked and staying booked as a speaker?

[00:03:13] Well, I’ll I’ll share the number one secret, and then I definitely want to address what you what you shared a moment ago about. Where the focus is in speaking and speaking coaches, a lot of times it’s all about like how you deliver your content and. But if you had, you could have the greatest talk of the whole wide world, if no one hears it, it’s like a tree falls in the forest.

[00:03:34] Does anyone hear it? I don’t know exactly. So we want to my my motto is done is better than perfect. Let’s get out there. Let’s practice it. Let’s tweak it. Let’s evaluate it. Let’s keep moving forward so that you can be successful.

[00:03:47] And then, of course, those other things are important, too. It’s just I, I don’t see people learning how to get on stages as much as I learn. I see them learning how to create their talk. So that being said, the number one secret that I have found to be really helpful in networking hundreds of speaking gigs is to have what I call a speaker, soulmate or network, what you can start with, networking with other speakers, for example. A lot of times people might consider another speaker a competitor, but which, you know, maybe some maybe there is a chance that that’s possible in some certain way. But certainly all speakers are not your competition. In fact, most, if not all speakers could be allies for you because an organization is not going to have you back every single month to speak to their group. They may not have you back twice, depending on what they deem valuable for the their audience. They might always want fresh, different, different topics. And so who better to help refer you to places, but someone who has already spoken their. And so people don’t really realize how much gold they have as a speaker, like, for example, Gloria Grace, you said you’ve been speaking for how long have you been speaking for, would you say?

[00:05:11] Oh, I’d say probably about eight years now, I would think.

[00:05:16] And about how often would you speak each year? Just approximately average?

[00:05:20] Not as often as I should be. I know. So, you know, if if I’m if I’m well, before I do the podcast, let’s put it this way, I would say maybe an average of of 12 times a year, maybe it is as little as 10 to 12 times, you know, once a month maybe.

[00:05:38] Ok, so even if we did ten times, let’s just do easy math. We’ll be really conservative. That’s 10 times a year times eight years. That’s 80 prospects you might have to share with another speaker, 80 introductions or referrals you might have to share with another speaker. So speakers themselves don’t realize how valuable they literally have, like a treasure trove in their database that they don’t even access. Why is that important? Well, because guess what? If you have that pile of gold and you know another speaker who’s maybe spoken about the same amount of time as you and you’re you like them, you know them, you trust them, you appreciate their work ethic. They speak to similar audiences as you, but they don’t compete with you. What would you think about having a collaboration meeting and saying, let’s compare notes and see? I know this is eight years ago, but maybe they’re still in business. They’re still doing it. And I’m saying it’s not a hundred percent, but. Right.

[00:06:38] But that’s creating that relationship. Be super valuable for you.

[00:06:42] That is that is gold, because I, I don’t think I’ve heard anybody ever say that.

[00:06:47] And it’s interesting because in other aspects of marketing in general, we talk about joint ventures and collaborating with, say, I do copywriting and and I could maybe collaborate with a graphic designer and where we could maybe find a way to share clients, but to collaborate with other speakers and to really join forces with them.

[00:07:10] I think that is amazing and it’s free time. But you don’t have to run a Facebook ad to do that, you know what I’m saying? And it’s really comes down to those relationships. And sometimes people expect there to be the secret magic pill that one day they can take and it’ll get them on that stage.

[00:07:30] I’m like the secret magic pill is link arms with somebody. You know, that’s that’s one of the key strategies you can do.

[00:07:39] Yeah, absolutely. Now, I obviously getting getting books is is getting books, getting books. If I can speak today. It’s been a long day. Is is one challenge, let’s say that speakers have. But is there what have you found in your experiences, maybe one of the biggest obstacles, especially aspiring speakers, people who are just trying to get started making a name, either using it in their business or maybe they even want to be a professional paid speaker. How can they overcome that?

[00:08:11] One of the biggest, biggest, biggest obstacles I see is actually an emotion or an experience of self-doubt. And how it shows up for speakers is they will tell me they’ve been working on their talk or like, I want to be a speaker, but I’m still working on my signature talk. And I’ll say, well, how long have you been working on your talking, like all? A year or two, I mean, it does not take that long. No, it doesn’t. And that’s the same as like writing a book and things like that. These are things that can stop us in our tracks if we’re not sure we have a certain level of uncertainty about does the audience want to hear what I have to say? You could call it imposter syndrome or just not self-doubt creeps in. And that’s what it looks like. It looks like you not speaking on stage even though you want to. That’s what self-doubt looks like. So self doubts like this big. Obstacle, and so one of the ways that I confront that right away and we start slashing, I know we’re going to smash it to smithereens is to get you to the next step. Is the first session that I’ll do with any of my academy members is called Get Your Talk Ready to Rock. And we actually spend. A certain amount of time together, it’s actually much shorter than anyone ever believes me. I was like amazed by how quick we can get this thing done and we collaborate together to get them there, talk not. And I don’t want to say it’s scripted it because I don’t do it that way.

[00:09:41] And I don’t recommend it. For what? For what I’m helping people with. But it’s copy written in the sense that they’ve got a title, they’ve got the description, they have the learning points, because if they don’t have that, they won’t be able to sell their wares, if you will, is going to be the first thing someone asks for. And so they need to have that. But they also have to have, in my opinion, for the people that I work with who are usually using speaking as a way to market their business, we need to have a monetization thread going through a meeting like what is the point of this? How is this talk going to get your clients or the prospects or whatever to that next level to work with you to invite them into your space? However, that looks obviously in a really caring, compassionate, professional way. And that’s another piece that a lot of time is Miss is forgotten left behind. It’s like this great, amazing talk. And everyone’s eyes are incredible. It is. But then you leave back when we were in cars and driving places and whatnot. But I don’t. So you’re in the car. The talk is over. Everyone’s told you how great it is. What do you have to show for it? Because that’s going to wear off all those little cowboy that’s going to by the time you drive up in your driveway, it’s going to wear off if you don’t have something to show that, like, oh, this is moving the needle for my business.

[00:11:03] Yeah, so. So, yeah. Is so because that’s definitely one thing I have learned is you need to have a plan in place of where you’re going to go, just as you said. How are people going to what’s the next step for them to take? And I think that’s definitely one of the key mistakes that speakers make. Are there any other mistakes that you found, especially new speakers made?

[00:11:26] Yeah, definitely. I I’ll leave and go back to that monetization piece really briefly, because it’s usually just an afterthought. And what will happen is that the speaker has spent so much time crafting this great story and they’re so excited and they have all this knowledge they want to share and then all the time runs out and they forgot to give their offer or they forgot to plan to give their offer or what have you. Something gets in the way of that. So those are things, too, that in a strategy, do you still want to create space for whatever it is that you’re inviting people into?

[00:12:05] So that’s definitely a mistake. I see all kinds of speakers make that mistake, not just new speakers. It again, it ties back to that self doubt of like it’s vulnerable to give an offer. Like, what if people don’t want what I have? And what if someone says no? And what if, what if, what if? And then all of a sudden we run out of time and we forget to give it so.

[00:12:29] But other mistakes I’ll see people make is winging it. This is pretty common for people who are naturally. Good speakers comfortable on stage. I’ll get that a lot people say, oh, I’m not scared to speak, I love singing. I guess we got anything. And I’m like, oh, you know, I’ve spoken to 500 times. And I certainly wouldn’t say that I speak about anything. I’m comfortable speaking on stage, but I’m really best when I know what I’m talking about, not just random. Random facts. So I am a huge fan of practicing again, another free thing you could do as a speaker that I suppose people don’t always take advantage of, like just practice. Any time I have a new talk, I practice as many times as I. How many times? As many times as you need to to feel comfortable to get the kinks out. When you’re newer, you probably need to practice more than when you’re seasoned.

[00:13:31] Absolutely. What mistakes do you see actually with people trying to book gigs? What what what are some of the consequences there?

[00:13:41] That is something that I see people a not doing it. I mean, you don’t ask, you don’t get right. It’s like we want all these speaking engagements, but we don’t want to call anyone or email anyway. So that’s the first mistake is like not even asking at all, OK, because again, we go back to the self doubt of like, oh, what if we say no and I’m not good enough yet and whatever whatever comes up in our minds that stops us from things like that. The next one is making it all about you. Or like I booked speakers for my event every month. I’ve had a group for seven years called The O.C. Speakers Network because I’m live in Orange County, California, and now we’re virtual.

[00:14:22] So it’s not just us see anywhere. But so for years I booked speakers just as much as I go out and get booked as well and.

[00:14:32] There’s a certain feeling, and you’ve probably had this experience before where, you know, you’re a prospect never felt like that, where you know that like someone just wants you to buy whatever you really care about you. It’s the same feeling I teach my clients not to create a that people are people. And this is a relationship business I like, for example, one of three months ago. I posted something on LinkedIn and I got an email message saying we just had we have to replace our speaker or you spoke for our group so many years ago, would you be able to come back in and it’s next week? Are you available during this time? I happen to be available, thank goodness.

[00:15:20] But that was because I kept up that relationship. I showed up. All those things that you’re supposed to do and she knows she could rely on me, so sometimes those kind of things happen.

[00:15:35] Absolutely, and I know I’ve I’ve definitely found in just booking guests for the show is that I do get now a lot of solicitations and my email and sometimes it’s just like, oh, here’s why I would just be the greatest guest. But they don’t even even reference that. They listen to my podcast.

[00:15:57] And and sometimes it’s like you’re like totally not right for this, but it’s like homework, you know, then you’re just wasting your time and my time.

[00:16:07] It’s like on LinkedIn, I’m getting more and more. It seems like every day is somehow because I have the word traitor. I guess I have it somewhere on my profile. So it comes up on the search. So I will get I.T. and fitness trainer solicitations, meaning like we have a great I don’t know why it shows up, because I certainly have no skills in that area. But they’re like we have I.T. positions for you or we can help you get your fitness training clients, you know, double your fitness training. I’m like, you guys are. I don’t have that.

[00:16:47] And in fact, I need to start actually forwarding some emails from LinkedIn because I have public speaking as one of my skills. But I’m getting offers from people that they want me to teach them how to speak. OK, well, I mean, I could, but I’m really not an expert on that. So maybe I’ll start sending them your where my other contacts, because it’s like I think they’re all good.

[00:17:11] Yeah, I think that’s under the pro finder thing. So maybe you take that, you go back in there and check it to see if your settings are. What are you doing if I get those two?

[00:17:23] Yeah, well, let’s talk about a little bit about.

[00:17:30] One of the reasons that people do speak is to and you mentioned to be able to get them to do something like attracting new clients. So what are some ways that speakers can use some strategies that they can use to be able to use speaking as a way to get new clients?

[00:17:48] Yeah, and I call that like a monetization strategy. In fact, that’s a whole module in my academy and a chapter in my book, because, again, it’s not always the thing that’s talked about. And when I talk about money, it’s not I’m certainly not all about the money. But the more money that you make, the more impact you can make and the more people you can help. If you wanted to donate money to a cause, the less money you have, the less people you you know what I’m saying? So it’s absolutely it’s really kind of shifting our relationship with money and making sure that you. That it can come into your life like one example, I had a client who was starting out in a spiritual, brilliant spiritual teacher leader and. She didn’t have, I said. So how are you if you get a client, what are they going to do? How are they going to pay you? And she’s like, Oh, well, I haven’t set that up yet. I’m like, OK, well, then that’s there for you to walk yourself over to that bank or get them on the phone and open that checking account, that business checking account. I mean, this is what I coach on. But if we need to figure out how money is being stopped to coming into your life, then we’re going to tackle that right away from that and that you set up whatever that payment system is, PayPal square up then? I don’t have I don’t necessarily care which one that is, as long as you’re comfortable with it.

[00:19:15] So that would be one step. Number one, make sure that we’re good, that we can check out. If less money can come into a great, then we want to see how do you feel about asking for something from stage, even a virtual stage. Right. What do you feel comfortable with? And that’s another piece that I’ll use my intuition as I’m collaborating with someone I’m not going to I could give you a million ways to Sunday to do it. If you don’t like any of those ideas, you will not do them. You’re not going to you’re going to forget. You’re going to lose the link, whatever. You’ll sabotage yourself. So I want to make sure that each client I work with is crystal clear on how they want to set up that monetization strategy and that they’re good with it. Like, if you’re not excited about your offer, no one else is going to be excited, that’s for sure. It’s all about lowering the anxiety, increasing the confidence, know, increasing your odds, lowering your risk. So and this can fluctuate. So sometimes I’ll start for those speakers who are listening or people who are wanting to be speakers like you might need to stairstep it in. And Jack Canfield, who I adore, I love listening to him, he shares about the first time he became a paid speaker and he talks about like the first time he asked for money and he kind of have the label.

[00:20:40] And then he goes and they said, yes. And then I’m like, oh, man, I should ask her the next time. You kind of upset a little bit. So I’m a big fan of stair stepping yourself into it. It’s like if, you know, I say no and you’re like. No, that’s not possible. I can never ask, but then we need to get it to where it’s just a little bit above what you think. A little bit of a push above what you think is possible. You don’t want to make it so low that that’s not good for your business right now. I’m not saying you never have free offers, so. Again, it’s not necessarily about the dollar amount, it’s about what strategy makes the most sense for what you’re offering, how you connect with people. Quite often I will offer a strategy session because. When I speak with people, well, if someone comes into my academy, it’s a very intimate relationship, like I want to make sure that whatever. That speaker is wanting and needing to be successful is something that I can provide to them. So certainly not all my programs require a phone call with me, but that one, yeah, it makes sense. And they’re investing in me and needing, I would think, to get to know me a little bit, like what she told about just selling like pizza.

[00:22:08] They don’t need to get to know me. I you know, where I learned my pizza making skills.

[00:22:13] You know, there’s just absolutely no.

[00:22:20] As I mentioned at the beginning, and I’ve talked to a lot of speakers on the program that have had to pivot, and because they’re having to look for more online opportunities as opposed to the in-person, because we’re recording this in November and things are even now, some of the states are starting to lock down a little bit more because as the cases of covid have gone up. So do you have any particular advice for four speakers on how they can actually look for specifically online opportunities?

[00:22:56] Well, pretty much everything’s online right now. So here’s what’s super. Here’s the good news. OK, lots of good news coming, which we all appreciate, right. About number one since April. So now it’s November. Since April, I’ve given over 50 virtual talks. OK, so I want to see the good news is there is no shortage of opportunities here. It is a free for all. Let me tell you, it’s a free for all. What other another piece of good news is that if you have been in any way limited by where you live or getting on a plane or having to pay for a hotel or whatever you thought in terms of getting to that location was an obstacle is no longer an obstacle. I’ve spoken in multiple states over the past six months without having to get on a plane, literally like click computer on Done and it’s great. So your reach is exponential right now. There’s no limitations. Another good news is that we’re all for the most part, I think most entrepreneurs, certainly people and coaches are using them to coach their clients. I mean, we are getting pretty well versed. In fact, Gloria Grace, you just shared a really cool tip with me before we got on the call, like, oh, cool. That’s we’re always learning and improving our virtual presence. And so you’re prepared if you were waiting to be ready, you’re ready. Right, there are lives, there’s life streaming. You could YouTube could be on someone else’s stage. You can make your own workshop. I mean, there’s like a million ways to Sunday to be a speaker right now, just so many opportunities.

[00:24:39] And that was perfect because that was going to be my next question was like, can you share with us some of the different opportunities there are?

[00:24:45] Oh, yeah. Yeah. I mean, it’s so this is what’s so fascinating about all that has changed. Not that much has changed to because I I had recorded my updated academy information and I launched it in January of twenty twenty. It was already had been written over the years, but I had like, OK, I’m going to actually just record everything. So it goes live in January 20, 20. Well, obviously, things like this and no, I’m sorry to the. Yes, it’s been such a crazy idea. I was like about a year ago. So and as I reflect on all the things that I taught. It’s all still relevant, the only one, maybe tiny little piece is like how to make sure you have a cord for the projector and what you should bring with you. OK, so you don’t bring it. So it’s like, OK, well, I don’t have to worry about that right now. Like, I don’t have to worry about a projector. That’s the one main big change. Everything else is the same. There’s tweaks on PowerPoint. I’m not going to go into that. But in terms of getting the gig. Relationships, what we talked about in the beginning, asking you don’t ask you don’t get that is you’re guaranteed to not speak at all if you never ask anyone for a speaking engagement.

[00:26:15] Yes, this is true.

[00:26:16] I learned my lesson a long time ago and absolutely no one.

[00:26:23] You know, it’s one thing, I guess, and maybe this is why people would say if you’re you’re lazy, maybe because it’s like you’re having to go out and get but but what if you want people to actually come calling you? So what do you have to do to be able to make that happen?

[00:26:44] I guess, yeah, you could totally do that. That’s in fact, what I teach people. I would much rather get a warm referral or introduction than a cold call any day of the week. So everything that I teach people is about how do you how do you get as much exposure without. Wasting a bunch of time, right, and making it painful, like we want to make it pain free and mean literally go back to that very first thing that I shared. If you partner up with one other person who’s on the same adventure as you, but not a competitor. All of a sudden you could I mean, imagine Gloria Grace, imagine if you had someone who was kind of along the same lines as you. They had about 80 speaking engagements in their back pocket that they forgot about. You could just start at the most recent and introduce each other. You have zero cold calling. That’s what I call the red carpet is rolled right out for you. So there’s a lot of ways to make it an easy yes. My really relying on that third party testimonials, what you’re what you’re setting up doesn’t mean you never follow up with anyone, but you’re not. Literally cold calling, right? You’re like, oh, nice to meet you, let’s see for a fit. OK, good, great. We are or oh we’re not. Well, good luck to you and I’ll do whatever I can to support you. But this looks like this one’s not going to be a fit. That’s OK.

[00:28:06] Yeah, absolutely.

[00:28:09] You mentioned your academy a few times. So is this something that you have that’s ongoing? And can you tell us a little bit more about that?

[00:28:17] It is I I have people can apply again. Best way to apply is to set up call with me at get speaking gigs now dot com slash chat and the link is on my regular website. If you don’t remember the last three or four letters just yet, and it’s a three month incubation process where we literally do everything we can from soup to nuts to get you ready to have speaking as part of your business model and typically very often speakers book talks. While in that three months, we don’t have to wait until you’re done or three months to get booked. In fact, quite the opposite. We’re going to try to get you up and running very, very quickly.

[00:29:01] Oh, awesome. Well, I would encourage anyone out there who is interested in doing that. I’m going to have that conversation because there’s no harm in having a conversation. So absolutely not. Absolutely not. Thank you. And and I’m sure they can also. What can I get your book? Is that available on your website to also on my website.

[00:29:23] Yes, that is available there. And if you want, there are some free tips on there as well. Five top tips to get more speaking gigs. So that’ll come up right when you go on to the website. So all kinds of cool stuff. Go for it, whatever works for you, if you want to have a chat, we can have a chat if you want. A. It’s there and you got some free tips up there, too, you can get all three good.

[00:29:46] Hey, that’s that’s a good deal.

[00:29:49] Is there anything else before we end this today that we haven’t covered that you think would be important to you?

[00:29:55] Just just a word of inspiration for people if you have. Here’s what I have, that if you’ve dreamt of becoming a speaker, like you have that like I was in the audience and I was watching them, I thought I should be up there. That’s something very common that I will hear from people I work with. It’s not that that dream doesn’t come to everybody. There is a lot of people out there who never want to speak. Oh, that’s right. It is not in there and it’s not in the land and it’s not on the agenda. If if you’re someone who that year like you, I can really relate to that, that means like you have something that needs to be shared to a wider audience. So I want you to really listen to that voice. And if this is. You know, the sign that you’ve been waiting for, this is it right now look like reach out to me and we can talk through that.

[00:30:53] That is excellent advice and I appreciate that because it’s true. They say death and taxes and public speaking are like the three biggest fear. So if you want to do that, then you do. I believe you’re right that you do have some sort of message. And and and don’t be afraid if you don’t know what it is right there, because that’s why you seek out someone like yourself that you can help them to be able to it.

[00:31:22] Sometimes people think like, oh, I want I want to get my talk ready before I come see you. I’m like, no, no, no. I’m just going to change the whole thing and I’m just going to change all these. I mean, not that we’ll keep whatever is necessary, but I have found that usually it changes pretty drastically.

[00:31:38] Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. I and I know mine has changed over the years now, and I actually just was working on it this week that it’s totally different and so much better. And I just I needed circumstances to happen in my life that prompted it. And that’s all good. So there you go. Love it.

[00:31:58] Not so well. Thank you so much for having me on my acting. Thank you.

[00:32:03] This has been awesome when you are a delightful person and I know that you will help others because you just have a light about you and I appreciate that. So and to all of you have been listening and watching. I also appreciate you very much. Thank you so much. And as always, go out and live fully, love deeply and engage authentically.

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