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5 Ways You Can Use Freelancers to Boost Your Small Business

By Courtney Rosenfeld

As a small business owner, you’re no stranger to hard work. While putting in this effort is essential to the success of your small business, doing it all on your own isn’t sustainable. Too much stress and an overburdened schedule can quickly lead to professional burnout, but there is a simple way to prevent these problems: hire freelancers. Wondering how freelancers can boost your productivity and increase profits for your startup? If so, keep reading to learn about five areas where using freelancers makes sense for small businesses.

Assistance with Administrative Tasks

Have too many tasks on your plate to focus on growing your business? Think about hiring a freelance virtual assistant. Freelance job boards make it easy to find virtual assistants with enough experience to manage those simple tasks that are taking up way too much of your time. Think of your virtual assistants as office assistants who can take on menial everyday jobs like administrative work, basic customer service, data entry, and schedule management. In addition to saving you valuable time, hiring a virtual assistant can also save you money by reducing the need to pay for benefits and additional office equipment. Not sure where to find job boards? Check out this comprehensive resource from

Website Design and SEO Optimization

If you’re fairly new to the small business realm, chances are you used online tools to create your company’s website. These basic website builders make it easy to get your first small business website up and running. With these options, though, you’re likely to get minimal to no access to SEO tools and marketing features that could propel the success of your business. Plus, customer support can be limited as well. So, if you are serious about helping your small business succeed, think about hiring freelance web developers who can create a custom website with SEO optimization as well as other features that can drive more traffic to your business.

Help with Social Media Marketing

Managing social media for small business can be vastly different from managing personal accounts. For one, different platforms can produce different results for various types of small businesses, and effectively connecting with target audiences can also be tricky. You can try to figure out which social media platforms and what type of marketing strategies will work best for your own business, or you can look for freelance marketing help to make things easier. These skilled pros will know exactly what kind of content to post and how to help that content reach your target audience, which can result in serious profits for your small business.

Graphic Design and Branding Services

As you can see by now, marketing is crucial for small business success. Having a freelancer help out with your social media strategies can be a good first step. To truly make a lasting impression on customers, however, you also need a strong brand. Branding is crucial for both big corporations and small businesses, and it can help more customers identify and connect with your products and services. So, how can you ensure good branding for your small business? You may have already guessed, but graphic design services can be extremely helpful for creating logos and branding, and you can hire freelancers to complete these essential projects.

Advice on Accounting and Bookkeeping

Just as small businesses cannot thrive without effective marketing, they also cannot thrive without accurate bookkeeping. Bookkeeping not only keeps your budget balanced, but it also allows for better financial decisions, more effective time management, and the ability to access additional funding for the future success of your small business. It’s an important task, but it’s also one that can be tedious for small business owners. So, instead of attempting to take care of accounting and bookkeeping on your own, consider outsourcing to experienced freelancers.

Hiring help for your small business can pave the way for success. With freelance help, you can keep costs low for your small business and maintain more flexibility to only pay for help when you really need it. So, you should really think about what freelancers can do for your business.

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Courtney started to be a resource and the first step for people who are looking to join the gig economy, either to supplement their income or as a way to fulfill their dreams of becoming an entrepreneur.

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