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Find Your Path to Clarity and Confidence with Elizabeth Kendig and Monica Lawson

Discover the secrets to finding clarity and confidence in your life by connecting with the other side. Join spiritual advisor Monica Lawson and Healers Wanted founder Elizabeth Kendig as they talk about their book Chase You, which offers a practical guide for anyone seeking to connect with their own spiritual team for guidance on navigating life’s twists and turns.

Show Notes | Transcript

“Don’t attach to what the help or the sign looks like.” – Elizabeth Kendig

When it comes to bridging the gap between spirituality and daily living, few do it better than Elizabeth Kendig and Monica Lawson. As the founder of Healer’s Wanted, Elizabeth uses her former editorial expertise and award-winning beauty blog fame to craft spiritual knowledge into accessible bite-sized pieces. On the other side, we have Monica Lawson, a spiritual advisor renowned for her unique ability to help clients across the globe discover their purpose, bringing joy into their lives. Whether it’s a celebrated actor, a Grammy award-winner, or a regular individual like you and me, Monica’s access to the other side serves as a beacon of light to all.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Explore techniques to establish a strong spiritual connection that guides your daily life decisions with clarity and confidence.
  • Recognize the importance of setting expectations and having faith during your spiritual endeavors.
  • Break away from unfounded beliefs that act as a barrier to your spiritual progress.

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00:00:00 – Gloria Grace Rand
Namaste. I am Gloria Grace, the Light Messenger and creator of The Love Method, and women entrepreneurs hire me to clear the inner blocks, keeping you stuck so you can create the life you want to live now and put yourself first for change also, because that’s so, so important. We have to do that. And I am so excited about today because I have not one guest, but two. With us today we have spiritual advisor Monica Lawson and healer’s wanted founder Elizabeth Kendig. And they have written an amazing book called Chase You: How to Connect with the Other Side to Find the Clarity and Confidence to be Yourself. And I’ll just tell you a little bit about each of them. So, Monica uses her gifts to help clients around the world discover their purpose, connect with the other side, and co create a life of joy. And she gives readings to people from all walks of life, including celebrated actors, TV movie producers and directors, Grammy Award winning singers and songwriters, Silicon Valley executives and fellow spiritual teachers. And Elizabeth has dedicated her career to taking the weird out of the woo and making spiritual and holistic practices more accessible. And previously, she served as a magazine editor, editorial director for Fortune 500 companies, and an accidental influencer with an award winning beauty blog, coveted skincare line, and more than 5 million Pinterest followers. Holy moly. So I want to welcome both of you, Monica and Elizabeth, to live, love, engage.

00:01:41 – Elizabeth Kendig
Thank you for having us.

00:01:43 – Monica Lawson
Thank you.

00:01:45 – Gloria Grace Rand
Yeah. I am just so excited about talking to you today about this book, because I loved it. We three, we speak the same language, I know, and it was one of those where you hate to put it down, but it was on my computer, so I was reading it that way, and so I have to put it down sometimes. But it was wonderful just being able to go through learning about your story. For those of you listening and watching this today, if you want to know more about their stories, read the book. But I wanted to start off today with talking with you a little bit about why you wrote the book and tell us a little bit more about it. Yeah. And really why you wrote it and what you hope to accomplish with it, I guess. So whoever wants to go first, chime in.

00:02:40 – Elizabeth Kendig
I know.

00:02:40 – Monica Lawson
I think Elizabeth should go first.

00:02:42 – Elizabeth Kendig
This is going to be a fun dance for us. Well, you’re the perfect person to ask that question, Gloria. We are all on the same page about knowing the power of people, embracing who they are, discovering their mission, living more authentic lives. And our way into that is with support and in conversation with the other side. So, for me, I’ve tried every healing modality under the sun. I’ve done years of therapy, and what really clicked was understanding that I have this team on the other side. You can read about your team in the book. They are multifaceted and they are here to support us on that journey. And that has given me so much peace and freedom and trust in myself and knowing that there is this whole cheering squad out there who only wants me to be aligned and live a life of more joy. So that’s why that’s why I wrote it. Monica, do you want to add anything?

00:03:51 – Monica Lawson
Probably the way we were told to write the book, it was really interesting.

00:03:57 – Elizabeth Kendig
Yeah. Yes.

00:03:58 – Monica Lawson
So I had been doing this work for many, many years, and I kept hearing, write a book, write a book, write a book. And I’m like, I have no idea how to write a book or where to start or what to do. And my husband, thankfully, reminded me and said, hello, practice what you preach. And so that night, I had asked the other side, okay, you want me to write a book? Send me the person. Send me the person. And not only send me the person, but it has to be joyous, it has to be effortless, and it has to be in service, and I kid you not. The following morning, Elizabeth gives me a call about a dream she had telling her we were going to write a book. And she had no idea that I had asked the night before to be sent the perfect person.

00:04:43 – Gloria Grace Rand
I love that. I love when the universe does that. And I especially love how quick that the universe did this, in your case. So I think it’s because it was really meant to be, and you really needed to get this message out. So can you just tell a little bit about a little bit more about what the book is about? What the book is about? Yeah, so that people can get a sense of why they need to read it.

00:05:14 – Monica Lawson
Do you want me to go first?

00:05:16 – Elizabeth Kendig

00:05:16 – Monica Lawson
Okay. So for me, going through this journey, I had done every single thing that I was supposed to do. Everything that society tells you what to do, everything that society tells you you’re supposed to have: the white picket fence, the house, you name it, I did it. And going through that, there was always still just something missing. Something wasn’t just quite right. I was very happy. I was extremely happy, but just something wasn’t right. And when the other side kept knocking and knocking and knocking to do this work, I really sat with them and said, okay, what is this about? Why am I supposed to do this work? And it was really to teach humanity, including myself, that we’re here for three reasons. We’re here on a mission. Every single human on this planet is here on a mission. We’re here to help heal, teach, and serve communities. And we’re here to leave a legacy for the future generation. And once I discovered that and started working with that, my life just became even more joyous and happier and just this newfound energy I had. And so once I started doing this, I wanted to do it for everybody. And so I opened the doors and just said, bring me the souls that you need me to deliver messages to, because I wanted them to also have the same happiness and peace and freedom that I had from working with them.

00:06:38 – Gloria Grace Rand
That’s awesome.

00:06:39 – Elizabeth Kendig

Monica Lawson

Elizabeth Kendig
And I was one of those people, Monica yes. I was a client for many years before we wrote this book. And Monica was doing one on one sessions, and whether she intended to or not, and I think she’s done it with all of her clients. She taught me how to connect with the other side, and that while she does have some superpowers, we can all do that. It’s, it’s magical. It’s not magic. In the book, we teach those same steps, and Monica developed them, actually, to teach her; children how to connect and work with their team. And so she had done that for me, and my life really transformed as a result. And when we put our heads together and our hearts together, and we were given our marching orders to write this book, we thought, there’s no reason why we can’t teach this and we need to teach this to everyone. And so the book really it’s part memoir for us. It’s our story, and it’s stories of clients and friends and family, but it’s a how to; it’s a primer for how to work with your team.

00:07:54 – Gloria Grace Rand
And I do love that you had so many examples in there from, as you say, from your clients or family and friends, so that people can really see how it works in action. Could you maybe share one example so people might get a better idea of how this works in practical terms?

00:08:14 – Elizabeth Kendig
You have so many examples. Which one should we do? Well, I just hosted a book club for some women who read the book. And early in the book, we teach you about the other side, who is on your team, how to give them permission to work with you, and how to meet them for the first time. And that’s really a validating step for people to trust that they exist. So I won’t give all of this away, but the next step. So they had all met their team, they had gotten their signs, they knew that they existed, and they were looking for examples of, okay, what are we going to do next? Like, what kinds of questions? How do we tap them for guidance? And we like people to start small, something that’s really emotionally charged, or a big juicy question like, should I quit my job? Where should I move to? Should I go on another date? Those can be a little more loaded. So I had one woman on the call who was really nervous about going on a trip, and she was nervous to leave her dog for the first time and she had a bunch of different boarders lined up. And I get this Monica and I are both like dog people and pet people. And I said, why don’t you ask the other side to send you a sign on who the best caregiver is for your dog? And so I don’t know who it is yet, but that was really reassuring to her. I also love there’s an example of the book of a student, a high schooler, who was trying to decide where to go to college. And so he asked the team for a sign and wound up getting what was essentially the mascot of the university that he wound up choosing. So those are some sort of simple entry points. And you might notice that animals are often a pretty popular sign for people. There’s a lot of stories in the book which I had not experienced personally, but as they were flowing in, a lot of people see cardinals and they usually represent a loved one who has passed over. So you’ve been seeing a cardinal or you’ve been seeing a bird. I know my father-in-law shows up as a hawk for my mother-in-law. Those are pretty common.

00:10:32 – Gloria Grace Rand
Very cool. I appreciate you sharing that because I do think it helps people to be able to see concretely how this can be useful. And Monica, maybe you can share a little bit more light on the subject here of when you talk about the other side because lots of people probably may have an idea of what you’re talking about. Can you maybe shed some light on that a little bit? And what do you mean by that when you say that?

00:11:05 – Monica Lawson
Yes. So every single person in this world has what we call the team, spiritual team. And it’s consistent of two guardian angels. Same guardian angels. From the minute you get here until the minute you go back, never leave your side. They’re here to help you with emergencies, anything critical, anything that’s going to disturb your peace. When you hear people say trust your gut, definitely trust your gut, because that’s where they’re talking to you, is through your gut. And so their job is to keep you out of danger. And so anytime you feel something or hear something with your gut, definitely trust them. You also have a group that’s called spirit guides. These are also angels. They’ve walked the earth and they’re here to help you with anything physical. So that could be what house to buy, what car to buy, where to go to school, a pet sitter, you name it. They’re here to help you with that. And you also have what are called ascended masters, which are teachers that have walked the earth that are here to teach you your particular way of being. Some people want to learn from Mother Nature or Buddha or Jesus, Mother Mary, whoever teachings you feel connected to is your teacher. That’s who’s with you, then you also have what are called ascended archangels. These were what I like to lovingly call the bigger guns. They come and go depending on life’s transitions, so birth, deaths, divorces, anything big and hard, they’re here to help you. And again, they do come and go depending on what transition phase you’re in. But there are some that just stay with you depending on what your life mission is. And then there is a higher being, a creator, god, universe, spirit, whatever it is that you want to call him or her, that you’re actually here to do the three things for the mission, find your community and to leave a legacy. Our loved ones are with us at all times. They don’t typically serve as a spiritual team member because once we cross back over, we have our own work to do, but they are always with us and can always give us signs. And this team never leaves you.

00:13:15 – Gloria Grace Rand
Yeah, and that’s what’s so reassuring because I know there are some points in life that something happens, it could be a major life change, like losing a loved one, let’s say. And I’m speaking from experience right now because when my sister passed, that was a big blow to me and I really felt alone. And even though I always believed in God, wasn’t the best, was raised Catholic, so wasn’t the best necessarily practitioner of that, but I always felt connected to God and when that happened, I felt disconnected for a while and it took me a while to come back. And it’s so empowering, I think, to know that you’re not alone and you have this wonderful team that you can call on for support. And sometimes I feel also that and maybe you can talk to this too, is that sometimes I think people are just like, oh, I’m praying and I’m not getting the answer that I seek. And at the same time there may be somebody trying to contact you. Maybe there’s a coach or somebody is out there wanting to offer help, but you’re not paying attention to them because you’re looking for some other big sign. Can you talk about that? Sometimes it’s not necessarily you’re getting intuition, but sometimes it is actually it is help in the form of a person.

Monica Lawson

00:14:47 – Elizabeth Kendig
Well, Monica taught me, she’s going to have more to say about this. Don’t attach to what the help or the sign looks like. Isn’t there some sort of parable out there about the man on the roof in the middle of a storm and I asked you to save me, god. And someone shows up in a boat. Someone shows up in a helicopter and he just ignores it and does not like that’s not it was right there in front of him. So, yeah, what else can we say about this? Because I think we get this question a lot. Like I missed the sign or God’s not listening. The team isn’t listening. And that’s often because we expect it to show up in a certain way or we’ve asked for something really specific, but the help is going to come in a different form. And also we don’t always get what we want. What we want is not necessarily the best thing for us or our highest good. So do you have any examples of that, Monica? I feel like you probably do.

00:15:48 – Monica Lawson
I do. I have a great one. So I had a client that came in and she was in financial hardship, going through financial hardship. And so she came to me, I gave her the reading. I said, work with your team. This is how you’re going to do it. And so a couple of months go by, she comes back and she sees me and she says, it didn’t work. And I said, what do you mean it didn’t work? Everybody that typically comes back always says it works. I said, let’s go through this. Let’s talk me through it. She said, well, I was asking for I think it was like $150 to come in, she said, but all that happened was my niece called and said that she won a fuel gift card for $50, she said, and then my boyfriend decided to buy me groceries. It all came in, but it just wasn’t $150 check and she was expecting it to come in. So back to Elizabeth’s point, we expect it to look a particular way and so we’re so tight on that that we don’t really see the miracles that are coming in. So I think the number one lesson is don’t set any expectations on how it’s going to be delivered.

00:16:59 Gloria Grace Rand
Absolutely. Yeah.

00:17:01 – Elizabeth Kendig
Another hot tip that Monica has given me. Sorry to cut you off, Gloria.

00:17:05 – Gloria Grace Rand
Oh, that’s okay.

00:17:06 – Elizabeth Kendig
I’m out of practice on the podcasting. This or something better. This is what I need, right. I want this job or I want this house. I know real estate is always a hot topic for people. We get really attached to the house. Please send me this or something better. And then you let it go, which is of course, the hardest thing to do. And have faith and patience and all those things.

00:17:36 – Gloria Grace Rand
Yeah, absolutely. I want to ask you more, not exactly logistical, but in maybe it is logistical question. In deciding to write a book together, what were either some of the best parts about doing that and maybe some of the challenges involved in doing that?

00:17:58 – Elizabeth Kendig
Well, as an editor and a writer by trade, one of the best parts is that I have the expert. So there is nothing more beautiful or collaborative for me than to take Monica’s lessons, Monica’s gifts. We have lots of shared experiences. I’m not learning this material for the first time and weaving that into content that people like me can digest and receive and just like putting a bow on something that she knows better than anyone else, that’s a dream come true for a writer. What else? Well, we got to work together almost every day. She is my soul sister, and so I can’t think of a better way to spend my time professionally. I would say there were moments where we felt blocked, like anyone writing a book might. And I had sort of dedicated time that I could work on the book because of other professional obligations. And so having that is lovely, but it’s also pressure. Now I’m going to write, I’m going to open up my laptop, and it’s just going to flow out of me. And it didn’t always do that. And one of the things that I tell friends and colleagues now who are writing their own books is I would ask the team to give me the words. If I felt stuck or if we felt stuck, because Monica would also, ugh, I want to talk about this. Or we should do a chapter about this, but I don’t know the way in, or I don’t know how to present this material because it might be challenging or it might be new to people, and we would say, Give us the words, and channel writing is real. And we definitely did it with this book. We really did. I couldn’t tell you which chapters now, but there were times where I would look up and say, where did this come from?

00:19:59 – Gloria Grace Rand
I know that so much so well, because I would do that too, when I was writing my book. I’m like, okay, God, what do you want me to say? It’s like, you’re the one who gave me this idea. Now help me write it, please.

00:20:10 – Elizabeth Kendig
Yes, you better help. Yeah.

00:20:14 – Gloria Grace Rand
What’s a commonly held belief about, let’s say, getting help from the other side, or just maybe a commonly held belief about anything regarding this? I think maybe that you disagree with that maybe people have an idea about, as we were talking before, about that it has to be done a certain way. Is there anything else that you found that maybe people have an idea of what spiritual guidance, let’s call it that, is supposed to look like and that you are like, nah, that’s not it.

00:20:52 – Monica Lawson
I think for me, working with the clients, I realized that so many people were thinking that we’re being judged and we’re being shamed if we’re doing it a particular way. And when, of course, I had the same questions before I stepped up to do this work because I was always nervous about doing it. And the most beautiful thing came through was that there’s many ways, it’s not just one way. And the quicker people can see that, the better they are in receiving the guidance and working with the other side.

00:21:25 – Elizabeth Kendig
Yeah. We tell people in the book, you can’t mess this up. You can’t do this wrong, because the universe is kind and loving. And I will say, because we’ve brought it up already on the show, that as a recovering Catholic, I came from the mindset of I’m being punished if something isn’t going well in my life or if I don’t work harder. If I don’t act a certain way, if I don’t check all of these boxes, I’m not going to get, I’m not going to have all of the things I want in life. I mean, I’m not going to anyway, but that there was some sort of ramification, and so it’s removing that stigma for people. And also, I would say this is about spirituality. This isn’t about religion. So the other side is there no matter whether you’re religious or not or what religion you practice or who you worship, this supersedes all of that. So I think once people can get past that and it’s not really hard, I mean, we find and you probably have too, with your work, Gloria. The people who need this and want this, they find the book, they find us. We don’t need to sell it. We don’t have many conversations with someone who’s opposed or is resisting it, because if they need it and they’re ready, that’s when we connect. So it’s meant to be a gift for people, and they find it when they’re ready and when they need it. And if it’s not for you, it’s not for you. And that’s okay because maybe you’re super happy and content and you’re living your purpose, and you don’t need this exchange with the other side. But guess what? They’re there whenever you want to tap into that, and they’re always helping you, whether you realize it or not.

00:23:10 – Gloria Grace Rand
Oh, yeah. Definitely. What are you curious about right now? Either one of you want to chime in?

00:23:19 – Elizabeth Kendig
It’s interesting. When we first scheduled this podcast, I lost power because of the flooding. Now it is a downpour today, and Monica just flew home with the fear that a pipe had burst because of rain in Texas. So we’ve been actually curious about what is all this flooding, what is all this weather stuff, which we know everyone is experiencing on a global level. So we’re I would say we’re in sort of like surrender mode right now on our lives, our work. I mean, the book is out and now sort of like, how is that going to unfold? Does that make sense?

00:23:58 – Gloria Grace Rand
Yeah, absolutely.

00:23:59 – Elizabeth Kendig
Interesting to put your baby out into the world and then sort of wonder, okay. Now what? Now what?

00:24:05 – Gloria Grace Rand
Exactly. Do you think that you two would ever collaborate again on another book?

00:24:16 – Elizabeth Kendig
Take it away, Monica. We’ve already been instructed.

00:24:20 – Monica Lawson
Yes, we have. The sequel is ready.

00:24:25 – Elizabeth Kendig
It’s not ready yet. It’s not ready yet.

00:24:29 – Monica Lawson
The idea. We’re just going to start yes, we’ll start working on it.

00:24:33 – Elizabeth Kendig
It’s in the vortex. Yeah. So I’m looking forward to and I know Monica is, too. What readers are still curious about was, Chase You was meant to be very much, like I said, a primer, the foundation. So how we build on that and how we can support people with the next one is sort of what is unfolding.

00:25:00 – Gloria Grace Rand
Have you maybe pondered this at all a little bit? And to think, what do you think could be the next step that people would want to take? I’m curious.

00:25:13 – Elizabeth Kendig
Monica, what do you think? well, I’ll answer it. I don’t know why I’m kicking it back to you. I mean, I think building on how to chase you when x, y, z. It’s it’s sort of Gloria, back to your introduction. When we get blocked, when we have these times in our lives that are sort of riddled with fear or paralysis or while we touch on it in the book, that we are often driven by societal expectations and upbringings and the logistics of life. How can I do this if I’m not going to make any money? What am I going to do if my family doesn’t believe in this or agree with my choices? It’s probably digging into that more, and the world needs this more than ever. I mean, people are in transition so much, and we are so destabilized that I think everyone’s getting ready to do more chasing of the right things.

00:26:16 – Gloria Grace Rand
Yeah, that sounds good, and I look forward to it. So definitely let me know when you’re finally finished writing and you’re getting ready to publish it, because I definitely won’t want to be in the loop for that.

00:26:28 – Elizabeth Kendig
Well, and you let us know. And your listeners let us know. What else are they curious about? What are the questions that are lingering after you go through the first book?

00:26:41 – Gloria Grace Rand
That’s true. Okay. Might have to go back and reread it and refresh my memory and figure it out, and I’ll let you know. Is there anything else that I didn’t ask you about with regards to this subject that I should have or anything else you want to let people know about that would help them?

00:27:04 – Elizabeth Kendig
I love that. I think, I’m sort of kicking this back to Monica. But this idea that we are all here to support each other, that humanity cannot heal until we start trusting that when we are ourselves, when we are living our mission, our purpose, there’s always enough to go around. And that’s the way that we’re going to heal as a collective. People are really stressed out right now. People are worried about themselves financially. We’re divided in so many ways. We were just talking about the weather. We all know there’s been a lot of tragedy in that department too. And when we’re under duress, everyone sort of closes in and worries about themselves. And I have to take care of me. I have to take care of my family. And that’s understandable. That’s our instinct as Homo sapiens, but, or humans. There’s my science going out the window here. But that when we let go and when we trust this process and we trust that we’re here to serve and support each other, that’s going to be essential. Did I get that right?

00:28:21 – Monica Lawson
I loved it. And I love that you used healing quite a bit, because what popped in for me is to let everybody know that we all could benefit from healing every single person in this world. I would definitely encourage them to take a look at how they can heal whatever it is that they need to heal, because it will make a big difference in their life and then have the ripple effect into the world as well. So you’re absolutely correct, Elizabeth, healing.

00:28:46 – Elizabeth Kendig
Sometimes I’m still the student.

00:28:52 – Monica Lawson
We all are.

00:28:53 – Gloria Grace Rand
And as you were speaking, I was just thinking that perhaps that is maybe a question that I have that could be answered in another book is, how do we expand this on more of a global scale to really be able to impact more of the world and have them to heal our planet? Even starting right from there, it’s like, can we get some help on that front? Especially when there’s so many people are not necessarily doing the best things that they can to take care of it. So, food for thought.

00:29:24 – Elizabeth Kendig
Yes, that is 100% the direction we want to head with that. So thank you for being the messenger, Gloria.

00:29:32 – Gloria Grace Rand
My pleasure. So, before we close out today, I know that there are people who have been listening to this, and I’m sure they’re curious and they want to know more about each one of you. They also want to be able to get the book. Where is the best place for people to be able to go to connect with you?

00:29:50 – Elizabeth Kendig
Yes. is our website, and there’s more about us there. Our instagram is Chase U crew. We like to think of ourselves as a community, and there’s links in both of those places to purchase the book. We are in the usual suspects like Amazon and Barnes and Noble and some indie shops. So fairly accessible. And we do have an audiobook that came out this year as well.

00:30:15 – Gloria Grace Rand
Very good. Excellent. Well, cool. Well, thank you both so much for being here. I really do appreciate it. It’s been a delight, which I knew it would be, and I am excited for what’s coming next down the pike here. And I know it may be a while, and maybe you can ask the other side to help you work fast. Let it be fast and easy and let it flow.

00:30:42 – Elizabeth Kendig
That’s right. You nailed it. Thank you so much, Gloria.

00:30:49 – Monica Lawson
Thank you.

00:30:51 – Gloria Grace Rand
And I just want to also thank all of you for watching and for listening and just making my day every day, because I enjoy doing this podcast so much and encourage you to share it with a friend, make sure you’re subscribed, if you’re not already. And until next time, I just encourage you to go out and live fully, love deeply, and engage authentically.

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Losing her older sister to cancer propelled Gloria on a journey of spiritual awakening that resulted in the publication of her international best-selling book, "Live. Love. Engage. – How to Stop Doubting Yourself and Start Being Yourself."

Known as “The Light Messenger” for her ability to intuitively transmit healing messages of love and light, Gloria combines a unique blend of energy healing techniques, intuition, and marketing expertise to create transformational results for her clients.

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