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How to View Your Facebook Page Newsfeed

Facebook Page Newsfeed

Have you tried to view your Facebook page newsfeed lately? I’ve had several people ask me about this lately because it used to be pretty easy to do. You’d simply use Facebook as your page and go to the newsfeed like you normally do. But in all its wisdom, Facebook has decided to change things. They probably thought they were simplifying things, but the result is not so great.

The only way to view the posts from the pages YOUR page has liked is to do it from your page’s Timeline and only on the DESKTOP. (I’ll talk more about mobile in a moment.) The option is displayed on the left-hand side, below the number of likes your page has and the post reach as seen below:

Once you click the “See Pages Feed” link, your browser refreshes, and you’ll see all the posts from pages your page likes displayed next to a list of the pages your page likes. Confused yet? Here’s another screen grab to show you what it looks like!

Here’s the BIG problem with this change. It doesn’t work on mobile!!! Which is crazy, because there were 1.51 billion mobile active users as of March 31, 2016 (Source: Facebook as of 4/27/16) an increase of 21 percent year-over-year. And as of April 29, 2015, there were 40 million active small business Facebook pages. I’m sure that number has increased in the last year.

I have been asking everywhere to find out what the deal is with mobile – including Facebook itself – and have gotten nowhere. The problem is that there is no “See Pages Feed” option on a Page Timeline on an iPhone. (Not sure about Android because I have an iPhone.) And when I use the Facebook Pages App, and click the world icon that normally takes you to the newsfeed, NOTHING HAPPENS! Sigh…

If someone out there knows how a workaround for this, please comment below. I would love to know how to do this, so I can pass the information on to my friends who have asked me about it.

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