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Empowering Lives with Artisha Bolding

The entrepreneurial journey is not always easy. Sometimes, you can get stuck and that’s when it’s important to get help. Empowerment Coach Artisha “Tee” Bolding went through her own challenges, and now helps entrepreneurs align their purpose and passion so they can bring their business, book or brand to life.

On this episode of the Live. Love. Engage. Podcast:

    • Artisha shares the health crisis that prompted her to reevaluate her life
    • Why Artisha decided to inspire others by becoming an author
    • Artisha reflects on the Black Lives Matter movement and what needs to be done to effect change

Connect with Artisha:
Twitter: @MissTyson


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Gloria Grace Rand 0:02
Namaste and welcome to live love engage. I am Gloria Grace Rand. And today I get to have a guest with me on the show which is one of my favorite things to do. And this is an awesome woman who is I know is going to enlighten us a lot about a lot of different things and hopefully to empower you because that’s a little bit about what she does, but I’m getting ahead of myself. Please welcome Georgia based author and empowerment coach, Artisha T. Bolding, who is also the head of T Bold Media Group. She is best known for her loud belly laughs and her love of truth. Hopefully she’ll share that with us. And she’s also a speaker and consultant who has spent the last decade providing relationship and spiritual advice to clients, friends and even groups of teenagers. And since her early days at Howard University, she has been impacting people as it’s a serious passion for her. And there’s so much more. And I’m just going to actually let her go into that, including the fact that she also is the host of her own podcast called bold journeys. So, first off, Welcome. Welcome. Welcome to live, love, engage.

Artisha Bolding 1:22
Thank you. It is absolutely a pleasure to be here. Thank you so much for having me. I’m glad we can make this happen.

Gloria Grace Rand 1:30
Yes, absolutely. It’s, it’s a wonderful thing. And just for those of you who may be curious about even how I find guests for the show, this was a really cool opportunity is that I subscribed to a service called and I actually they were wonderful enough to promote my podcast one time and because I was looking for guests and Artisha is one who responded and I was like, ooh, I looked over what she had to offer and I’m like, Oh, yes. That sounds like a perfect person to have on the show. So, with that being said, I know that you have in reading over your bio, which I didn’t get to share totally here that you had sort of an interesting journey, maybe even life altering journey that led you to be an empowerment. Coach, could you share with us a little bit about what happened to cause that?

Artisha Bolding 2:27
Absolutely. So in 2018, I went through a major medical crisis. And I’ve now tagged it as a divine disruption. Because my life was headed in one direction. I thought things were going great. I had a good job. I had a nice place to live, nice car, all of the things, checking off all of the boxes. But once I got gravely ill, it brought a lot of things to light for me. So I was only 38 years old with no negative medical history. The worst thing was allergies, right. And I was taking over the counter meds for that. But all of a sudden, I was working 60 plus hours per week on a nuclear power plant construction site. That’s a whole nother story. The short of it is one of the higher paying jobs in the area, and they just so happened to pick me and so I said, Let’s go for it. Let’s you know, pay down some debt and take better vacations, you know, things like that, that we think about as just being responsible citizens and enjoy, some of our monies. But looking back, I know that I was really solely in selfish pursuits. I was not giving in to the community like I normally do. I was not even really being present and participating with my family like I had been, because I was doing so many hours. Anyway, with that crazy topsy turvy schedule, because Gloria, I was actually working the graveyard shift 6pm to 6am, mandatory overtime, the whole thing here like yucky, yucky shift, and I’m thinking that okay, I’m sleeping all the time. I’m sluggish because of just a weird schedule. Of course, I’m not eating right, you know, were chips at work and things like that. But so, you know, I kind of shrugged it off to that. But when things got really serious, and these symptoms weren’t, weren’t going away, I went to a doctor and found out that it was very, very serious. They actually diagnosed me with pulmonary hypertension. So I literally went into congestive heart failure and pulmonary failure at the same time, again, no medical history scariest thing in the world. But in that still quiet time, I mean, I went into a coma had to be resuscitated the whole thing. And in that quiet still time and having those very, very serious conversations with family, I just realized that I had to do something different with my life. Right there on a hospital bed. I summoned everybody. I asked for paper and pen. And I began to journal and I just committed to myself and to my family that I would do life differently from that point on. So, in retrospect, I knew that it was I had a bit of confusion and misunderstanding about what I should be contributing to the world and what it is to me, to be a productive citizen. What did that mean for me? And could I have the life that I dreamed of while also contributing to society? And I realized that I could do both. And all I had to do was look within and realize that serving others being self less as opposed to selfish. That was the key for me. So I became an empowerment coach. Recently, I got the ink dry on the credential, so I’m certified and it has really really been a blessing to be able to serve others

Gloria Grace Rand 6:39
hmm That’s awesome. I yeah, it’s amazing I do I love how the universe or God and and I’m not sure what what your how you your spiritual beliefs are, but I do think sometimes it does take sort of this. Really like knocking on the head and saying, hello. Pay attention, you know, You’re going down the wrong path. And, and you know, and I’ve been trying to send you signals, but you haven’t been receiving them very well. So I guess we’re gonna have to get a little drastic. But I’m glad you finally picked up on it. That that’s good. So what type of what’s your specialty? Because I mean, empowerment. So what? Probably lots of people might have even a an idea or maybe not even an idea. But what does that mean to you? And who are like, your favorite clients to work with? And how are you helping them?

Artisha Bolding 7:31
I’m so glad you asked me that. Because recently, I had a really serious meeting with one of my coaches about how to really clearly communicate my message, because that is a huge umbrella. And, you know, even life coaching is very broad. So how do you even begin to talk about it? So, I used to say that I guide individuals along their purpose discovery journey, so that their lives have luster and… (lost signal briefly) Because what I found I apply it is me, the person that is confused. That is who I serve at getting my message makeover now, I’m able to say a really uplifting, inspiring, encouraging way. Because at the end of the day, what I do is I motivate entrepreneurs to birth their business, book or brand. I ensure that they’re no longer stuck in life, but thriving, in essence to that is aligned with their purpose and their passion. And that’s what I do, because that’s what I needed when I was on that path. Oh, that’s that’s my mission to pull folks off of that path.

Gloria Grace Rand 8:52
I like that. And it is interesting because I do think especially in particular with coaches, it does seem to be that we tend to gravitate towards serving the people that are, I guess, even in helping them because it’s, it’s a journey that we’ve been on. And it’s something that we’ve achieved. Like, for instance, one of the things that I do as I decided to become a health coach last year, because I went through a program and I lost a lot of weight and, and it was something I’d been through a couple of times, but I knew that I could go back to it again, because it works the first time. And so that was one reason why I decided, like I wanted to be able to give back and help others. Because I know as a lifelong person who has struggled with it, it’s like, I know, it’s not easy, because it’s all it’s mindset, really more than anything else. So I love how you been able to do that. I know something, also, I guess, as part of what you do, well, I think I even mentioned is that you’re an author as well. So which is something that I have an affinity for, because I’m in the process of writing my own book, so what led you to decide to go down that path as well?

Artisha Bolding 10:06
That is something that was actually birthed out of that still quiet time, that very scary time navigating through that health crisis as well. And so, some of the things that I began to journal because with, I went through these upsets and trying to understand my diagnosis, what was happening in my body and in my mind, over four admissions to the hospital, twice in a coma, right. So that was 26 total days in the hospital. So I have a lot of praying. I am a woman of faith, I believe in God. And so very important to me to tap into that. And I’m so thankful that I was able to lean on my church family as well as my biological family. And what I felt burning in my heart Well, the first thing that I mentally thought was people have to hear this story, it just, it’s outrageous that an otherwise healthy young woman, you know, at work begins to show these symptoms and then this major thing happens to completely upset her life. But she comes out of it. So everybody loves a comeback story, right? So I’m just like, I have to write this. So that’s the first thing. But what actually, while taking priority and precedent was the faith piece, the mindset piece. So first book that I released was, um, just last year, it was May of 2019. And it’s called Journal for your Journey: 31 days of prayer for your soul. And so it’s a full month of prayers and affirmations, with different topics. And it’s a place right there in the book, so that you can journal the things that you’re sensing spiritually and emotionally. You put a date on it so you can go back and see how far you’ve come or things that you still need to work on. So that was my first baby.

Gloria Grace Rand 12:06
I like that. That’s nice. And you’ve got, do you have another one on the in the works now or since you said first, that implies, or I’m inferring that…

Artisha Bolding 12:17
you infer it correctly. The following fall, I got so excited because, again, faith and mindset, those are my two kind of wheel houses, if you will. And so I said, I need to do something that’s more centered on personal and professional development. We know that spiritual is a part of that, but specifically that folks can use in business and in every day, so that led to Induction to Power. That’s the book that I released last fall. Very quick read. It’s full of gems, as far as help for who want to do that next, who wants to learn that thing? Whether it’s someone who wants to turn a side hustle into something more serious, whether it’s someone who wants to actually get that book out of their belly, or full blown launch a business. So that is who the induction to power, so and even career changers. So those are really my three categories of clients that really want to speak with me. So that book is for that audience. And I was excited to get that out. And so yes, as they’renmore in the works,

Gloria Grace Rand 13:36
So so is that something that you’re going to, like offer for sale like on Amazon, or is it something you’re going to have on your website where people can get that book? How is that going to work?

Artisha Bolding 13:47
Yes, so actually, right now both ebooks are available on my website, And we can give folks my contact information on towards the end of the show. If you like, but right on my website you can get both of those books ebook version right now. And something that I wanted to offer your listeners, and anyone who is interested, folks that join my email community, which I call the trail blazers, because you know, on this journey of life, we all have a trail to blaze. I actually released this year, the mini ebook version of journal for your journey, so that’s totally free. They can access that on the website. And that is that first seven days that full week of affirmations and other goodies.

Gloria Grace Rand 14:42
Oh, that’s nice. Awesome well that I’ll definitely make sure that I have a link to that in the in the show notes and everything because that’s, I love that concept because it is definitely something that I do practice. I think affirmations are very helpful, but I like the I like the spiritual aspect of it because that’s definitely something that I have spent the last several years as well. In, in sort of looking at, well, really even more embracing my spirituality and being able to even talk about it online because it wasn’t, you know, used to think that it was, you know, okay, I was like this marketing person and this other side of me is a different side of me but, but it’s still all part of who I am and so it’s better to just embrace it and you know, people are either gonna like it or they’re not and that’s okay. Because I want to appeal to the people are gonna like it. People who don’t are people I don’t want to deal with anyway.

Artisha Bolding 15:37
Exactly. That’s not your tribe. You know, when you are your authentic self, self, when you show up full and present your whole self. That is when your tribe will find you so you’re absolutely right.

Gloria Grace Rand 15:52
Yeah, absolutely. I wanted to shift gears just a little bit and talk about something that has been… Well, 2020 this as I’m recording this right now is in oh my gosh it’s almost the end of June already I can’t believe where this year has gone and it’s been such a crazy crazy year of drama I guess and and stress and you know we have the pandemic and then we’ve had just recently the horrible horrible murder of George Floyd and which really ignited maybe even reignited might even be a better way to say, the Black Lives Matter movement. And it’s I’m first off just want to say you know I’m for those of you listening who don’t know me I’m a middle aged white woman and and Artisha is a beautiful woman of color. And it was also frankly one of the reasons I wanted to have you on the show because I wanted to have To have your voice be heard to a new audience because I know you’re already being heard for sure by lots of people on your own podcast, but I wanted to sort of get your take on what’s been going on and, and what people can do to really learn more because that’s what I’m about I want to be able to learn more and and you know, I know that I’m… you know, we all I guess in certain circumstances have had some racist tendencies and I like to think that I’m more open minded then then some people but I know there’s probably still blind spots that I have as well. So I just wanted to get your… have you kind of share your thoughts about what’s been going on and and maybe some ideas about what people can do to continue to be more enlightened about it and to be able to help whatever way they can, maybe just educating themselves, I guess.

Artisha Bolding 18:01
Absolutely. The first thing I have to say about that, Gloria, is that you have to all own up to fear we’ve had. We have to own up to prejudice that we have deep down inside. We have to continue the conversation to ask why? Why am I afraid? Why am I prejudiced or biased in this situation? Is that okay? Does that fit the person that I say I am? Does that fit the direction that I want my life to go? And is that the story that I want to tell my children and grandchildren that I am this? So if we take a moment to do some introspection, and to have real honest conversations, even beginning in our own community about what that means, I think that’s going to be huge because skin color, not be feared. And it also should not be weaponized. And that goes both ways. I shouldn’t look at you and assume that you will be jealous or discriminatory against me, I shouldn’t assume that of me. And likewise, I don’t want you to see me and be scared or intimidated or think things about me before even having a conversation with me. And so if we get back to the communal piece of society and get back to very basics of understanding, okay, that is your fellow man that is your fellow human who deserves grace and compassion, who may be having a bad day, who just a smile or kind word from you could make all the difference in the world. A huge difference in what could turn out to be a very tragic and sad situation. So if you put those lenses on, it’s going to be a huge help. And I have to just for folks who may be confused or don’t understand. Black Lives Matter, a terrorist organization. Black Lives Matter is not a hate group. Black Lives Matter is a movement that we need to take a real look at what police forces in this country are doing, to make sure that the police are properly trained that they have the diversity and sensitivity training, that I’ve been saying this for years before Black Lives Matter that police need to be trained to shoot to wound, instead of shoot to kill that right there would solve a lot and I would much rather George Floyd’s family say they want to sue the police department because they shot his ankle off or his foot off, versus them having to have buried him? You understand what I’m saying? It’s not, it’s still not ideal, but it’s a huge difference as far as loss of life, as far as community unrest and upset, you know, so I just appreciate you being brave to ask the question and wanting to have the conservation. We really need more of that. We need to admit that we don’t have all the answers. And we need to admit that policing the way that it’s taking place…There’s something inherent in that with the violence piece of it, that we need to invite the community in, to have some oversight and to make some changes there. I think that’s going to be a huge, huge win if we can make that happen.

Gloria Grace Rand 21:56
Yeah, absolutely. And I do think despite all of the negativity that’s been going on, and actually you and I were talking about this before we started recording is that I do think that the reason all of this stuff is happening this this 2020 is and and it is kind of funny, because in a way, because 2020 is normally associated with vision, right? You know, you go to the eye doctor. And so we are really given being given, I believe an opportunity from God to really open our eyes and say, okay, maybe what we’ve been doing hasn’t been working very well. And it’s time to make some changes. And so I my intention and belief is that there are I do believe there are enough people out there now who really are becoming more aware, more enlightened, more spiritual minded, that we’re going to get to the point where we’re going to actually, you know, we’ve come to this tipping point right now of like, okay, which way do we want to go, but I’m, I’m choosing to say that we’re going to we’re going to come out of this much better than we did going into it. That’s my prayer. And, and, and so, if I can do my small part in helping to make that happen, I will consider my life worthwhile to do that. So Ah, anyway, well, we went really deep here today, but you know, it’s it’s all good. It’s all good. I’m trying to think what else I wanted to ask you about what, tell me a little bit about. Tell me a little bit about your podcast. I’m curious. So because it’s called I love how it’s called Bold journeyzz. And it’s spelled with two Z’s at the end. Is there any any meaning behind that? Or is that just a just a cool way of spelling it?

Artisha Bolding 23:47
Well, it is cool. I have to say that it is cool, but there’s meaning and intention behindZ everything I do and those Z’s represent the two holidays. The show was actually called holidays with the two Z’s on the end, two holidays that I spent in a hospital under doctor’s care, again on this journey, so it was it all kicked off Thanksgiving of 2017. And then I was in again, Easter of 2018. So, you know, I spent my Resurrection Sunday with all kind of wires and tubes hooked up. So that is the inspiration for the spelling of the show. But bold journeys podcast I started as actually started on Facebook before it was an official podcast. I would record myself and send it just to my Facebook friends put it on my Facebook page every Monday and I called it, I didn’t want to call it a podcast. I call it the me-cast. So I tagged it as Me-cast Monday. Right? So, you know, just like that broadcast and myself. Yes. And folks kept saying, hey, do you say these anywhere? Where else can I listen? I’m just like, Listen right here. This is it. And so after getting that question, I’ve been getting that question no less than 15 times I said, Okay. Let me see how to, you know, more formalize this. So I did this past year, actually, I partner with Anchor. They have been great as far as helping in that tool. They have editing and a whole bunch of different fun stuff and you can connect really easily with other podcasters. Bold journeys, I say, is a very unique show because I look every week at the unique angle of relationships and faith. So your relationship to your family, to the world, or to our politicians and everything that’s going on, and what that means for you how you move forward with the information that you have every day and every week. So I enjoy chatting about our current events and things that are happening in my personal life and our folks that I know. So it’s fun.

Gloria Grace Rand 26:24
Well, it sounds awesome. Well, so make sure you look it up folks who are listening, because, you know, it’s great content, and I’m sure and actually, I have listened to one of the episodes and it was and that’s how I was like, Oh, yeah, definitely. I’m gonna have you on the show, because I liked it. Well, that’s awesome. Well, I really do appreciate you being here. Is there any other Well, I mean, we mentioned I know you had mentioned that the website earlier, but is that the best way for folks who want to be able to get in touch with you to reach out to you at your website or what about like social media or anything like that?

Artisha Bolding 27:01
Absolutely I love to connect with people on social media, which my Facebook and Instagram are my two primary ones. And you know, it’s and Gloria if you will let our friends know how to spell that in the show notes. That’ll be easier than spelling it out here. And then Instagram is just straight through. So definitely, guys hit me up, follow me. I always put out great content. My thing is I’m spreading love. So I would love to hear from you. And please also visit the website, that’s t-b-o-l-d-media dot com and that’s where you can sign up to get Your FREE Mini ebook and other goodies.

Gloria Grace Rand 27:57
Awesome. All right, well, that’s it. Definitely go check that out as well. And I will, I will have all of that in the show notes. So if you’re listening and you’re not able to get to write that down, don’t worry about it, you’ll have it. So thank you again for being on the show. I’m really glad we got a chance to meet and get to share your story here today. I so appreciate you being here and continue to do the good work and looking forward to more books in your future. I’m sure you’ll have more to say.

Artisha Bolding 28:25
Thank you so so much. This has been a pleasure for me.

Gloria Grace Rand 28:29
Thank you. And as always, I thank my listeners and viewers on YouTube as well for taking time out of your day and paying attention and listening and I appreciate you and as always, I encourage you to go out there and live fully, love deeply and engage authentically

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About the Author
An online marketer, SEO copywriter, and speaker for 15+ years, Gloria Grace Rand has helped over 150 companies including AAA and Scholastic Book Fairs attract and convert leads into sales.

Losing her older sister to cancer propelled Gloria on a journey of spiritual awakening that resulted in the publication of her international best-selling book, "Live. Love. Engage. – How to Stop Doubting Yourself and Start Being Yourself."

Known as “The Light Messenger” for her ability to intuitively transmit healing messages of love and light, Gloria combines a unique blend of energy healing techniques, intuition, and marketing expertise to create transformational results for her clients.

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