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Dream and Grow Rich with Allen Brown

Are you familiar with the book, “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill? Or perhaps “The Science of Getting Rich” by Wallace D. Wattles? Both of these books (which I’ve read and highly recommend!) are based on the premise that our thoughts create our reality. And that by holding a vision of what we want, and having faith that it is on its way, we can manifest whatever we want.

Today’s podcast guest is the living embodiment of that philosophy, having started from humble beginnings on a farm in Michigan, to making his fortune in Colorado and California. In this episode, real estate investor and author Allen T. Brown explains how he turned $12 into $30 million, and continues to prosper today.

This week on the Live. Love. Engage. Podcast:

    • Allen explains why he believes nothing is impossible
    • Learn why it’s important to understand the power of your own thoughts
    • Discover how you can achieve more in your life by trusting your intuition
    • Why Allen relies on his spiritual advisors to reach his goals

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Welcome to live love. Engage the podcast where we share practical advice from a spiritual perspective on how you can live fully love deeply and engage authentically. I! Am Your Host Gloria Grace Ram now? Let your light shine. Now must stay and welcome, I am Gloria Grace granted I am so glad you’ve joined us for another episode of Live Love. Engage, and you’re going to want to listen. And or watch if you’re watching a youtube to this one, because I’ve got an amazing gentlemen with us today. WHO IS GOING TO BE? He. He has done so much in his life. You’RE GONNA really. If you have a few dreams, and you haven’t put them into use and really put them into reality. Alan Brown has and you’re gonNA. WanNa. Listen to his advice, so let me share with you a little bit about Allen’s. He Brown. He came from humble beginnings and managed to become wealthy through the power of his mind and limitless. He his fortune in Colorado and California, turning twelve dollars into thirty million dollars and today. He maintains shopping centers in both states. But that’s not all because Alan never ceases growing and continues his education to this day from becoming one of the top amateur ballroom dancers to learning classical piano, and he maintains the courage to be curious, and of course the courage to act on that curiosity, and feels that only the impossible is worthy of his time in mind so welcome to live love. Engage Allen I’m so glad you’re here. Well I wanted to yeah well. I appreciate you being here because. You. appeared him. Is What this podcast was is about which is about being able to help people to live fully. and. A before we actually started recording you. You’re sharing with me a little bit about the fact that you are also at author, which I didn’t even mention here. You’ve written a couple books and and. A one of them is about is called dancing through life which. I guess is partly I suppose comes from the fact that you started dancing in your seventies, which is amazing, so how? Let me. Start with actually what pushes you to keep? Learning and growing and doing things like you know taking up the piano now in in our room, dancing as a you’re obviously a little bit over seventy I suppose I’m not gonNA. Ask You your age unless you want to share it with our audience. So My. s what keeps me going and yeah, I! Think I tend to surround myself with exceptional people who are going. It inspires me to keep going. My dance teachers like one of them is number one in the world. One of them was the in the dancing with the judge for dancing with the stars in New Zealand so they aspire. To amazing. achievements and I. Take my hat off to them for to become number. One is a professional dancer. Those people walk on water there so tough. They worked so hard, but then I have them as dance teachers, and they worked me as hard so i. am what eighty six now, but they keep telling me. They grabbed me by the shirt and say Allah. Thirty nine years old and don’t give us any crap. You. Think you’re like thirty nine and they really. An, amazing amazing people and so. By surrounding myself with those kind of people and I see what they’ve achieved. And quite a few years to go at Vail Colorado would veil was first opening. Before it was open actually. And so I got a chance to meet these investors I. got a chance to go skiing with the guy who is trying to corner the silver market in the world. And then I see he’d cyber in Vail Associates. I try to go back to every year just to realize.

00:05:02 – 00:10:04

I lived there for eleven years. But one man’s dream his desire. was that one day he would have his own ski area. As all Iwate in life, and so now vail associates has grown in. It has taken over other towns. It’s now about forty five miles long in Vail Ballet. It’s full of skiers, condominiums golf courses, never they. All one one man’s dream and I was there before they started doing, and it was just cheap. It was some Abbott. There were sheep herders lived, and they speak who herd sheep aw, summer they live there in the wintertime. That is really nothing there and the closest. Town was well like hundred and twenty miles away. And, so you got the idea that if anything is possible. And one I was there. At Eagle Colorado I met Leo Hargraves. Lou hargrave was the plumber. But interesting plummer. I I saw the home. He was born in very very very poor. He was the first person to ever graduate from high school from his family. I mean these people in Denver on the poorest faces of Denver? Alone ever. Here’s a guy with nothing. became a plumber in when he died, he gave some of his friends. Million Dollars Wow. Just, but he taught me. To always ask questions. One day we’re driving long. We look at a tree. I, thought it was trees. He asked me what that was I said well. That’s a tree. He said well. If dogs were chasing you, you ran up there. At what would it be well? Why would say it did escape its protection to safety? feds tried and a bird. What is what does the bird do? It’s a bird’s nest. If you cut the tree down. You can use the wood to build a house. So he taught me question. What is it? It’s now the answer. Is the Big One? It is whatever you want it to be. Still you have a dream. And you’d like it. Turn into reality. You Dream at UC you. Write it down. Write it on a piece of paper. What do you want? What is your image what you thinking? And to give me a little example, I I learning about this this supervisor, one of my child. What am I apart com this? She has an old old who votes? At kept breaking down. And her one goal off, she had little daughter. She’s Allen. I’m getting a little desperate. You because I have to go to the grocery store time. MARQUARDT keeps breaking down. I said. Looking at magazines, the newspaper and cut out a picture of the type of car you would like to have. It could on the wall. And then about a just a week later, this happens fads. I’m up there Jesus Mr. I want to show you something and show. She shows me this car. Probably four years old, but a spotless, beautiful little car. I said I know you don’t have any money. How did you get that car? Guy That repairs by votes found all that. Realize the parts of my votes fog. We worth a lot of money, so he bought me this car. Oh my so that you have a desire. You have a dream. Turn it into reality and like Kim. The Sushi guy where I had Sushi today. I’m going to give him another book and right on the cover. Turning, dream in reality. You have a dream. In you want it. You want to achieve it. Write it down sleep with repeated it. You don’t have to tell anybody that you want it. You can if you want. If you got people that would support you and that’s crucial. You right down, but you write down your dream. You repeated over and over. And Pretty Soon Italy sitting in your Front Yard Love them, that’s really. And I refer to them as spiritual advisers in and I keep reading rereading Meyler Book I reread, read my own book probably four times.

00:10:05 – 00:15:00

Trying to better understand so I can apply what I did before to tomorrow, and so on my I have a player piano here so I want to become a much better. But my dancing. Is Improving. Rachel said yesterday she was the judge in New Zealand, the dancing with ours. Jesus I cannot believe. How much you have improved in your dancing. and. Dancing is a tough sport. If you have the picture in your mind in repeat it to yourself over and over again I want to become a great dancer and then yeah so three times this cowboy this far. Has Been Number one in the world amateur dancer. So I could go on and tell you other stories like with Kim when I see him again I’m going to give him another one of my folks. And on the title of it right in his name as the man who turned his dream into a reality because he has a famous. Sushi base where everybody goes Sarah. A little pricey. But he serves very the best the freshest boot, but one time which is something he wanted to do. So. All I could say and tell you is that. If you have a desire. And then I might write another book of that for step. How do you make that first step well? That is interesting because people have fierce. This is a pain. You have to overcome the fear and I would say the majority of people. Are Handicapped. With fear! And the again. I talked. He can say talk to God Jesus whoever I have spiritual advisers. I’m I talk to them. I have conversations with them. and. To give you an idea how amazing this forces can help you. A friend of mine. Vail Colorado said Alan what Vail really needs I was headmaster, Vail. Two years that I’ve taught the public system two years. And then. I realized people really. Appreciate money. More so than notch knowledge I do either degree from the University of Michigan Ice. Study I read read read. Just a little aside. Whenever I go out to eat when I’m alone I. Always have a book. The seizure body. You have a responsibility to Fiji. Remind it’s Hungary very hungry. I just. A great miracle, is it? John Cameras Ted, what what bail needs is a good commercial on new. Because you know you’re hundred miles of. From Denver, so it’s hard to get laundry service, and all these hotels and motels. Rosa needed good laundry service. said that to me and I thought well. Why not? Stove. I, I could tell you all the steps of this but I. Build a commercial laundry in Eagle or had it. Bill built the building. But in five years okay now here’s the guy no money. I heard you needed two hundred. No, you need two hundred thousand dollars to start a laundry. My had three thousand. I borrow two thousand. My parents in I borrowed fifty thousand from SBA. Business so but I was still short range of two hundred thousand dollars. In five years time. Don’t ask me how I did it. But I was the largest employer. I was the largest property checks air. In Eagle County seat of Eagle were Vela’s so. I still shake my head. And I do that with no money. But the truth is if you have faith, but I talked to my spiritual all. I’d have conversations with them just by talking you.

00:15:01 – 00:20:02

And I remember. I WANNA spiritual races. WOAH! Allen if I don’t know how I have friends who do out. They will never disappoint you. And I still use them today and I can tell you what I went through it with a shutdown in the economy in my shopping, sentence or taking a terrible beating. Does that. Make any difference with faith with belief. You just key Bryden gone. You. Don’t be afraid can’t be afraid. Just it’s amazing. What you can do your I? Traveled to people say where you have to work hard. As growing up I grew up on what Acre with no running water. And I in. Goodness maybe my parents. I was maybe like six or seven and I driving the tack tractor at that five is the age requirements. Girl in this great the ditch. Why. Not because I was so little, I couldn’t touch the clutch and brake at the same time I. Wanted. Goes all the way down the bottom and I just hang on. Though. I’m offs climate on the big this that and go back to play. At my comes home at I. Show Him with a tractor was. And he said okay. I’m down in there got it started, and finally got it out by driving down the ditch. Keep up the ditch in the bottom chilly found a smaller ditch. In got it out and that night I thought well. What’s what’s he going to say? Yeah at the table. He didn’t say take. Slough because I was learning if We had a discussion when time might two brothers and I and my parents I remember sitting on beside this stove. It a house and there was no eat in upstairs whereas. Michigan. But we asked him I still remember I rather than ask my parents. Why do you spank us? If. You say you don’t like to do it. And they said we only spank you when you do something that you know you shouldn’t do. But that’s how however if we were doing something, it broke. That’s learning going to school. That’s. Never complained broke something stuff like that. The because we were learning is long as we are learning, we might be complemented. We would never be punished. That’s added to my life now also. Support people appreciate them help. And the other big thing, I can throw enough. Look for the good in every day. And looked for the good in every person everyday. Maybe he just did something totally screwing, but there’s probably something you can complement and for. While, I’m talking a lot. It’s okay, because you know what you have, lots of good stuff to say and and it’s interesting because I’m actually going for program right now. where I’m learning all about what you were just saying, so it was just confirmation that what I’m learning is it works because you’re living proof of it, so that’s awesome, but I do want to ask you one other question because you mentioned at the beginning about. Kicking friends, and like associated with with people. So how do you like seek a group of friends that are thinking like you? Do you know that are focused on their dreams and an? Them happen. Well! That’s that that’s why I keep rereading my own book. Better understand. How have I achieved this? And then I have the then I remembered. I got but I just a young kid i. read the Bible twice. And then. What I still kid! They had me teaching Sunday school. Just, a little kid! And, so I think then. that. that. Some of those things that I was reading maybe I didn’t understand time. They didn’t have an effect on me because I’m a pretty good guy now. Just. I actually when I wake up in the morning. And like I’m not a great.

00:20:03 – 00:25:00

Store the Bible around stuff like that, but I just you have to help people in every day when I wake up in the morning, I think. Who Can I help today. That’s. Because sometimes just saying a low or giving above five bucks, because it’s a small gesture on my part, but it might be a big gesture on his art, so I’m always trying to do. I guess you could say I’m reverting back to the Bible and things like that. Do good now. The camps so I tried to do that every day. But. Just in my day and I. CanNot you know? Even explain. Oh all these things, but in here’s another little point of beliefs. Or having faith. When. I bought. Some stock cost me a hundred thousand dollars Vic flagler. We paid golf all the time I buy. Palm Desert. and. He was very wealthy guy in the. Told me Alan by some of this thought. And I had played golf with his CEO Company. But I said why there. He, said no by it. None well, how much do you have? Well I got one point three million. thinking. If, he’s willing to take a chance I walked by I can stay, they could chats on one hundred thousand. I’m very much. Sue Order. Of the boys and Girls Club. So kinda made a pledge to them and to mid being I will give them one million dollars. So with that hundred thousand dollars. Each year I would take out one hundred thousand dollars and gave it the boys club. I started with one hundred thousand. You’re I would take go two hundred thousand to the boys and girls up. Until I, had given them a million dollars. Wow, so, where did that money come from? How did I achieve and you can add call all the stockbrokers you wanted to life. Is that possible? This had no, that’s not awesome. Yeah! The impossible is possible. A little thing I later said what. If. The I would tell my girls in the laundry. If it’s impossible you fix it. I want to tell you these. Her housewife ranchers wives. It’s amazing when they did. This was a big laundry. Two buildings I had SURTI employees, but things would break always breaking. But they would fix them. And one day I’m in California playing tennis and then he commented. Mr Brown. We had a short. We blew the electrical panel off the wall now. This is a pretty big echo animal. Omega, but then she says don’t worry. We have the laundry work in the next day. Are always girls doing the impossible. And I got the point say. Only if it’s impossible is worthy of my time and mine. So ice I say that every day. Own. If it’s awesome, is worthy of my time in my mind because we are such an amazing. Creation. God did a pretty good job when creative and then. Gross is another word I like growth I still remember kid when Korn would pop to crack the earth, and then we’ll get stick and knock the dirt off, and then we could see the corn, the little plant growing up. And that rose. Is something that’s always been embedded in my mind to. To help people grow that we helped our corner August. We knew who for grew up the. Big We could then feed the cattle, but to grow, and if you could help. People, Girl. and. Just the word. So they don’t know what they to do ought to just say.

00:25:01 – 00:30:06

Just grow just grow. Sit Down? Have a beer and grow. That’s. Other thing was to just factor gross in relief of said. If it’s impossible. Don’t worry about it. Do it anyway that. Your spiritual visors will help you achieve the awesome Oh. Yeah, they’re just amazing if you have a dream. Right at Dow Roy it down. Write it down in PD to yourself every day. The impossible dream and you can say well. It’s impossible by all, I don’t tell your friends because your friends hotel you. It’s impossible. You don’t need that kind of. Information you you. You’re going to do the impossible. Putting him mind I. Enjoy doing the possible. Somebody’s does that is impossible. Hey, that’s great, thank you. That’s just Kinda. My what I WANNA do. that. Is, so many times I have done the impossible because here. Is this farm boy for so? My mother took pig, fat and lie. And Mix it up and that was Earth so Oh yeah. Times it’ll talk in one of my dreams. was what I just a little kid to someday. Have a pair of pants with no patches and. Stuff, that was my dream S. Socks without darning holes Dr. Bear Pants. Rick. No patches in finally got older. I was probably maybe ten years old. And I got a job working for farmer. And he tape twelve bucks. I got a ride out of town, and I bought myself a pair of pants with no patches. It’s even as a little kid. You just keep repeating. It hands for no batches. And it will happen. Just. I do every day just. I could just in some of the things that I just did. just with all the desirable shopping centers in Colorado California. and. So I’ve had things had were I had an image. Because it tends can’t pay the rent well. How do I pay my mortgage? Well! Just dream. It down. You’re going to pay your mortgage, or you’re going to find out a wave, or you’re going to ask some spiritual visers. Here you go and will give you ideas how you can pay your mortgage. So that’s or that’s lot knowledge. And is a lot of knowledge, but it’s it’s good information and I know everyone is going to appreciate How can people learn more about you and maybe look learn more about your books now I know. You said you’ve read. You’ve written two books so far. So what are they? Like urged. Was the book on Taga. Hassle symbols I wanted to learn the better. There’s no better way than carrying a camera. It was one of those old type with a cloth over your head. Oh Yeah. Figured an hour to take a picture. And then pretty soon I add my own darkroom I developed. My own negatives printed my own Prince. And then I had a book published. Dominion of Shadow, because really shadow is the. Everything that you see creates a shadow, right? So the shadow is the strong part this shadow. If it’s not greeting shadow, it probably isn’t. Doesn’t exist. So The Dominion of Shadow Like so. then. The. Came along. Really. The! Big Question kept. Upping up in though, I mind. I would see all these wealthy people I with. See that I became very wealthy in my question was. How did I do it? not only how did I do? But how do I do it? Again turning into a future tense, how can I do it again right? So that’s what people have to do is.

00:30:06 – 00:35:01

How can I achieve my objectives? And then again, I think. Writing it out hooting on the wall. On. Repeating it and then find some good friends at support you. Hate to say this, but I will. The majority will not support you. Because they’re afraid. They’re afraid. And? How do you will have ears? Oh, God! Will you be scared me? Yeah, that was one thing I was going to ask you about, too. Is Like what do you do? When I’m sure you have been discouraged or fearful at times? How have you coped were that? Well. Yeah fear is thing. It’s a great thing. We I use it all the time. It. It helps beats. Think CNN thinking his thing that people don’t do too much. But if they’re afraid of something. And they want to overcome at now. This thing the other side. You gotta say well. I’m afraid, but I want to do it anyway. How do you overcome that? And that takes a little. I’m not sure what how to do that, but how to overcome fear. But. I think desire. Can overcome anything, and if you really desired enough and don’t be afraid to write it down in. This is what I used to do when I was younger. I’d keep a notebook. And I would write down what I wanted to do and what I would like to do. And then the back ten pages, I. Keep a paper clip on. These were these stupid, idiotic impossible dreams I did want a one to see them. You’ll really say what you can’t do that. No I didn’t want anyone saying that I wanted to. Okay. There’s a way there’s a will. There’s a way absolute awe. So How do you overcome fear in? It’s such a big thing, but it’s so crucial because it helps us think make wise decisions. If you to do something anything. Why am I afraid? So you grow? You have to grow. But furious sing. Someday someday. You just ignore it. Just, Do you do it? And the here is a little example of how that came out of me. I just had apartment buildings. I had like two hundred apartments. And I walked by this. Walking from my apartment’s to the hardware store because I needed some parts for the by VIC, something and I walked past this. It’s a shopping center and the guy comes out and there’s a there’s a rapid narrow. The guy that had the rest comes onto alum. Why don’t we buy this? It’s for sale. I said okay. And then I went in and bought what I had to do went back to work in about two days later he. It once I’m not gonNA. That’s just too much I said okay. So then I called the older. And now allie owner owns fifty one percent. The rest of was owned by the owners husband who died. The lawyers and accountants and all the professional people. And they didn’t want to sell it. They said as to Bala and she kept saying within you buy it. so weak whim by. They didn’t step up so. She sold it to me. And carried the finance. It was unbelievable the easy deal. But then. Forty Thousand I. Think it cost me forty thousand. So. Of course. That’s all borrowed money loaned me the money and. Then, I refinance that and they said well. You can take a lot more money on this so that the money people me an extra million. That’s great, so bought another apartment building. And then later they condemn the front part and they gave me another meal if I took that million. That’s pretty, but that forty thousand now I. I just hadn’t evaluated that. Forty. Thousand now is worth thirteen billion. Wow now my. I said Okay Yeah. I didn’t ask him.

00:35:01 – 00:40:09

How much it? Anything. I just said okay. So I turn. Maybe Hope Maybe I. Put on twelve thousand. Maybe I put twelve thousand and my own money and. took out a million twice and now that twelve. At twelve thousand is worth. Thirteen million dollars. Okay, and that’s the other thing. You. have. We all have this feeling of sense when we walk when something’s dangers. For be cautious. Ours six cents. Yes, listen to it. And I like to spend little time every day in listen to what the I call the spirits, the spirits talking to me today and I’ll ask what’s cooking today. You know what you I’ve been thinking about. Yeah I ach those two people every day, my spiritual advisers. It just. Is So amazing Chris. They’re your friends. They will help you achieve those impossible dreams. Absolutely, but like all the essay, the spiritual risers I writing. Read it out as A. Youtube is. My friends my good friends. And so. Some people could refer to Jesus. The God have whatever, but even a name, and let them become your friends in. You become friends with them because they want to become friends with you. Yeah, I do believe that absolutely. So! I got a few more was that. I think we’re I think we’re just about out of time right now, but this is Matt using and I am so glad that I had chance to have you on the show ’em to share your wisdom, and maybe we’ll have to have you on again and Kosovo more stuff I didn’t get a chance to talk about I was still allowed to find out about the dancing but I think we’re going to save that for another time so if you would love to come back sometime, I’d love to have him. So in as little. Hargrave taught me. It is whatever you wanted to be. It can be hard. It can be difficult if You choose and that’s how the bomber guy. With the Twelfth Grade Education became a multimillionaire amazing what he did. He was Kinda. My mentor of helping me absolutely turn. Turn that bird’s nest into a house just with your mind. We got learn to use her mind. Tufnell, Thank you so much Alan for being on live love engaged I. really appreciate it and. I, hope that the rest of you who are watching and listening. Make sure that you subscribe to the show, so you can be able to. Be Ready for the next episode to come out. You don’t be able to get some more inspiration from what? I would also say is by my book and look. For the little messages okay. For Lulu messages and listen to them, seek them. APP. Yep, I will I will make sure that I will have a link to your book in the show notes, so people won’t even have to go to Amazon to search work. They’ll be able to go right there and they’ll get to get the link to it so. Now all right well, thank you. Yes, thank you and. As always everyone I. Encourage you to live fully love deeply in engage authentically. One more thing before you go. As, a valued listener of the live love engage podcast. I want to help you to shine your light in the world, not only while you’re listening to the show. All Day every day of the week. That’s why I created. The would love engage spiritual awakening community on facebook. It’s a place for you to gather with other business. Professionals and entrepreneurs were committed to living the life of their dreams. If you want to be a part of candidate, band, receive free trainings from me. Go to live. Love engaged dot, com, and request to join. That’s L I V. E. L. O. V.E E N G A G E DOT COM. Covid nineteen better known as Corona virus has spread throughout the world. There are a few ways to help lower the spread of this respiratory disease. Wash your hands avoid touching your face including mouth, nose, and eyes cover your coughs and Sneezes Monitor your symptoms and consult with your doctor. Stay at home and away from other sick people except for medical care, clean and disinfect touch services for more information.

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Please visit CDC DOT Gov forward slash covid nineteen. Thank you.

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