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Discovering Your Path to Success through Astrology

Discover how astrology can be a powerful compass to guide you on a path to success that resonates with your soul’s purpose. Join us as astrological counselor Suzanne Gerber explains how cosmic wisdom can transform your professional and personal life.

Show Notes | Transcript

“Even though our birth chart never changes, we change, we evolve and that is reflected through the charts. So the way we can use it is infinite. We find our gifts, we find our strengths. We understand what might be blocking us from fully activating them and using them.” – Suzanne Gerber

Astrological counselor Suzanne Gerber joins us to explore astrology’s role in helping individuals navigate life’s challenges, so they can live with purpose and intention. During our interview, we explore the depths of a birth chart, discussing how it’s more than a celestial ID card; it’s a compass for navigating life’s stormy waters and discovering your innermost strengths and potential. Suzanne’s narrative, from her early stargazing days to her reputable guidance in astrology, is as inspiring as it is enlightening.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • The power of recognizing signs from the universe
  • The limitations of daily horoscopes
  • Astrology as a tool to uncover personal strengths and potential blockages
  • The astrologer’s role as a spiritual coach
  • Soul choices before birth and learning opportunities
  • Synchronicities between Pluto’s shift into Aquarius and AI developments
  • Understanding astrocartography and how planetary lines influence life experiences


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00:00 – Gloria “Grace” Rand (Host)
Want to know how the planets in our universe can help you shine brighter in your business and life. Astrological counselor Suzanne Gerber joins us to share her secrets on using the power of astrology to guide you to success. Stay tuned. I am Gloria Grace Rand, founder of the Love Method and author of the number one Amazon bestseller, live, love, engage how to stop doubting yourself and start being yourself. In this podcast, we share practical advice from a spiritual perspective on how to live fully, love deeply and engage authentically so you can create a life and business with more impact, influence and income. Welcome to Live, love, engage. Namaste. If you are new here, welcome.

I am Gloria Grace, the light messenger, and I help female entrepreneurs release negative thought patterns like self-doubt, so you can grow a business that aligns with your soul’s purpose. I’m very excited, especially after just talking with her briefly in the green room before I bring her on. Our guest today is Suzanne Gerber. She’s a classically trained astrological counselor who blends deep astrological knowledge with a background in journalism Might have to ask her about that, because I have that as well and her journey into astrology began in childhood, leading to a lifelong passion for guiding others in self-discovery and empowerment, and she helps individuals with her unique approach to really navigate life’s challenges with celestial insight, like that word. So, without further ado, I am going to bring her on right now and welcome. Welcome you, suzanne. To Live, love, engage.

02:01 – Suzanne Gerber (Guest)
Oh, it’s so good to be here. Thank you for inviting me, gloria

02:06 – Gloria “Grace” Rand (Host)
I’ve been fascinated by astrology for a long time and in fact I didn’t even get to tell you this, but my sister used to. She was an astrologer, she used to do charts for folks and everything so, and I know she did mine years and years ago and I’ve changed a lot since then. But I want to talk about you specifically, though. I mentioned in your bio that you became interested in astrology as a child, so I wonder if you could share with our audience a little bit about what it was that really piqued your interest in that.

02:40 – Suzanne Gerber (Guest)
I think a lot of people can relate to this, because the night sky is so compelling, especially when it’s a clear night you could see all the stars when the moon is full or really bright it just always captivated me. I had a little mobile over my crib and it was the stars hanging, you know, with the sun in the middle and I don’t know. There was just always a fascination, a sense that there was more to the world than what we thought of, and the sky and the moon especially, seemed proof of that. And when I did a science project in third grade I drew the whole solar system in meticulous detail. It was so compelling to me.

And then, as I got a little older, in high school I got my hands on a sun sign book Somehow it’s long before the computer’s age and the internet age and you had to find books and I would talk to anybody who would listen about their sun sign because of course I had no other way to calculate the other elements of their chart. And then I went to college and I lived in Europe and the whole time I was there I kept telling my partner at the time I can’t wait till we get back to the States and live in New York and I can really study astrology in earnest. And my first week back I grabbed the local paper, found an ad first ad, on the whole page. It said astrology class is now forming. I never even checked for anything else. Signed up with that person. She was my teacher for three years and my whole life changed as a result of it.

04:13 – Gloria “Grace” Rand (Host)
That is so cool and I love how the universe will do that for us. It will give us those signs when we’re looking for them, or sometimes even when we’re not looking for them as well. But I think that’s so, so cool. But it is interesting, though, and I wonder what was it? Because you know you talked about first, you know, looking at the stars and planets as a little kid and I did too. I was always fascinated by that stuff, and I love science fiction and things like that.

So why do you think, though? Because you could have gone two ways? You could have gone the science-y route. You know traditional astronomy and studying, you know the planets, and maybe you know going into that way but instead you went into the astrology and more of the, I guess the personal impact, I guess, of how the planets, what do you think? What do you think was it about that, or maybe that is what it was that kind of led you down this path instead?

05:19 – Suzanne Gerber (Guest)
My sister and this may or may not be surprising she became a psychologist. She also around the same time that I got involved with astrology. She taught herself to read poems, Started with a book that was like, I think, in my grandmother’s bookcases, and then she learned how to read tarot cards. So it’s kind of interesting that even though she went in a very professional direction as a psychologist, she always had this as a sideline. I also, as you mentioned, I went into journalism because back before the internet it was hard to make a living as an astrologer, right, it just wasn’t a popular profession. Let’s say, it wasn’t usually on a pull-down list of what are you? I’m an astrologer who works with people on the internet you know around the world, but that didn’t exist.

But I always was dabbling in learning and studying and and doing readings for people. In the beginning before I felt very confident, really, mostly in a barter situation, usually for body work of some kind healing work and mostly for feedback, because it’s the only way if you know and you’re really hitting. But I never didn’t love the science-y part of it and I still can really geek out, especially and this is less on the astronomy, geology kind of part, astrophysics-y part but the magic of numbers, and that’s something that astrology really reveals to us, because that’s how we can tell how the planets are functioning, by degrees, by relationships, by connection. And the thing that’s interesting to mention is originally, like way back in the day, astronomy and astrology were the same science. They came out of the same field. It’s just the differences.

Astrology applies certain and you could say assumptions, but it’s really much more than that. Thousands of years, millions of people and, as I like to say, millions of satisfied customers have worked with these, received symbols and archetypes and energies of the planets and their relationships. And ultimately, to me, yeah, it’s great to geek out. I love the James Webb telescope. I follow where it’s going and the images that it’s sending back. That’s great, but it doesn’t help people and for me, I always had a longing to try to bring any kind of healing instincts or supportive instincts or therapeutic approaches to life, and that’s where astrology, for me, is the most magical and unparalleled thing.

08:02 – Gloria “Grace” Rand (Host)
Well, perfect segue. So let’s dive into that a little bit more about, because I said, you know, when I first, my first exposure, I think, to astrology was okay, and again this is showing our age when you used to get a daily newspaper and read it, you know, and so you’d have these things in there, and so I knew that I was born in September, I was a Virgo, and so I would, you know, look at that. But there is so much more to it. So how, I guess how, can people use astrology like as a guide for, maybe, decision making?

08:35 – Suzanne Gerber (Guest)
Well, a lot of people are. I mean, it’s just become one of the most popular things in the world, right Since, I would say since COVID. I mean it had been having a renaissance probably for the last 10 or so years, but COVID it was just something that pulled people and COVID led to people becoming more available online different applications that people would use to be able to calculate their own charts and people would write interpretive blurbs and people do. People follow these things. What they’re not getting is the integration and I love that

You talked about those horoscopes in the newspaper and in magazines and full disclosure here. I’ve written many of those over the last oh, my goodness, almost 30 years. They’re entertainment. Hopefully they 30 years. They’re entertainment. They’re hopefully, they’re positive, they’re inspiring. You know, we know people are going to look at them, so let’s give them something useful that might help them in their daily life.

But that’s not real astrology and that’s, in a way and I hate to say this, but it’s probably done as much damage to astrology as a powerful, humanistic, self-exploratory, therapeutic tool than anything else. Because you’re a Virgo, you’re not just a Virgo, if I can say this, gloria, you’re a Scorpio rising. That’s a very different kind of energy. From Virgo, you have a moon in Aries. That’s very, very different. And then the relationship that the sun makes with different planets, that the moon makes with different planets, even the planets that are right on your rising sign rising point or ascendant are hugely influential. Rising point or ascendant are hugely influential. And it’s when we start to put it together that we start to see the subtleties, the richness, the depth, the nuances and the contradictions and the paradoxes, which is what we are right.

And so what does a good astrologer do? A good astrologer does what a good counselor does, what a good therapist does, what a good coach does. In fact, I like to say I’m kind of a spiritual coach and therapist who uses astrology as my cheat sheet. I wouldn’t dream of doing that work without a chart, without having spent a lot of time looking at all the different angles and connections, a lot of time looking at all the different angles and connections. And then there’s the way the planets moving in the sky will activate these natal birth potentials.

So it’s dynamic, it’s always changing and even though our birth chart never changes, we change, we evolve and that is reflected through the charts. So the way we can use it is infinite. We find our gifts, we find our strengths. We understand what might be blocking us from fully activating them and using them. People might have tremendous gifts but had very difficult childhood and they don’t have enough self-esteem, enough confidence to go out and put their self out in the world. And as astrologers, we look at the chart. It kind of makes things a little more objective, maybe less triggering, and we talk about the person in almost a symbolic way. And then we look at the options that are available. Well, this could be that this could be expressed like that, but what are some of the other possibilities? And by opening up new options, by helping people see where their true power lies, and what so many people are becoming fascinated with is their purpose, and I don’t know of anything that does a better job of showing, revealing, suggesting what someone’s purpose is than their astrological birth chart.

12:32 – Gloria “Grace” Rand (Host)
Hmm, that’s fascinating to me, especially because I do. I focus in a lot of that in my work with folks as helping them to be able to figure that out. And we go through in our lives. You know, I think we have even different purposes at different points in our lives, also depending on what we’re doing. So what do you look for in, like, say, let’s say, a person comes to you and says, you know, yeah, I need help figuring out my purpose in life? Say, a person comes to you and says, you know, yeah, I need help figuring out my purpose in life. What parts of the chart, maybe, or something, or what are you looking for specifically? And I obviously I know it’s going to vary from person to person, but I don’t know if is there, like you know, certain things that you’re going to look for that are going to help you.

13:20 – Suzanne Gerber (Guest)
Well, I’m glad you put it the way you did, gloria, because we don’t just approach a reading, we don’t just approach a person as if they’re the same as every other person. They’re so unique and we always start by staying humble and saying I don’t know this person and even if I think I understand certain things about the dynamics of the chart, I don’t know how that person experiences them. Chart, I don’t know how that person experiences them. There’s not only one way. These things are going to influence us and we’re going to express through those energies. So we approach it with real compassion, humility, curiosity, and I always I would not begin to talk to a person without really getting a sense of what do they want to get out of this? What is their intention? I could have a whole list. I think they should do this. They would be great at this. That’s irrelevant. I want to hear what they’re interested in.

You use the example of what’s my purpose and I love that. You said it can change in different times of our lives. Those of us that have raised children, that’s our purpose for those. Whatever that may be, however long that child is with us and I mean even when they’re grown and flown they’re still our child, but it doesn’t. It’s not necessarily our primary focus or purpose, but I do believe that underlying even raising children or maybe taking care of elderly or ill parents or partners or siblings, whatever it may be there’s still an, there’s a through line about not just what we do. Our purpose isn’t what we do. For some people it is For great artists. I always like to think of Mother Teresa. That woman knew her purpose her whole life and that’s beautiful and that’s rare. And I think a lot of people are really struggling because we confuse purpose with vocation.

And even though there can be overlap, there’s something deeper and this is what points to the soul’s journey. And so we’ve got a human journey, our ego journey. This is based on our desires, our circumstances and so on. And then there’s the soul, and sometimes they’re not working together. The soul wants to do certain things, but we kind of stubbornly in our you know, free will, focused actions, we think I’m going to do this no matter what, especially in our Western societies. If we put our mind to it, that’s not always the best thing to do, right? Sometimes we work and we put so much energy into something and we’re just not getting the kind of returns or feedback, the results that we would like to see. It’s often a sign that we’re not living an aligned life. Well, what does aligned mean? We have a soul and the soul has an intention, and it’s for us to become something a little different.

And where we’re stuck is usually the best way, the best clues, to figure out what that work is and what that journey is. Where we feel inhibited, where we feel anger, where we hold resentment or fear or shame, where we don’t feel compassion and love and generosity for everything, starting with ourselves. So this is often the work is to get to this before we can even get to that purpose, because I think it’s very frustrating sometimes to tell people that they can be this beautiful healer, right or doer, or a spiritual entrepreneur, for example, when they’re just still dealing with the most fundamental issues from their childhood. So I didn’t quite give you a technical astrological answer, but all of the planets and their relationships and the houses and all that stuff that can seem confusing to somebody unfamiliar or just learning astrology. There’s a lot of resonance between signs, between planets and between the houses in modern astrology I should mention. Ancients didn’t necessarily make those connections, so what we look for are emerging themes, themes and we develop a sensitivity. I could look at a chart, for instance, and say and I always take notes and I still write everything out, you know very analytically and a lot of calculations but things come through, messages come through. Even as I’m doing all that, and I can, and I start when a story starts to emerge.

I look for supporting and let’s just call it evidence. We will see the same thing. In fact, there’s an ancient rule called the law of threes, where we want to see the same implication repeated three times. This is a person who has a lot of passion. This is a fiery person. This is an action taker, a go-getter. This is a person who is afraid of their power. We see themes of parents repeated. We see themes of not feeling good about one’s intellect or one’s body or one’s capacity to usually not love but to be loved. So there’s so many things we could look at. It starts with their stated intention and then, once we get on a live call, like this because my first interaction with clients and this is probably the case of many people, it’s impersonal it’s just through an email correspondence. But once we’re here, like this right, and I know you feel this, the energy starts to come through and we’re working with our intuition, but our trained and experienced intuition in equal amounts of what the technical indications are that the planets are showing us.

19:09 – Gloria “Grace” Rand (Host)
Yeah, there’s a lot to dive in there, I know for sure. I want to ask you one question. This was for someone who was going to be watching the show and she was commenting on LinkedIn because we do actually live stream on LinkedIn and Facebook on Wednesdays and she wanted to know if anything, if you knew anything about astrocartography, which I guess is finding out where the best location is for us according to our astrological chart. So I did a little Googling myself and I was like looking at it and going, oh wow, there’s a lot here. So can you tell us maybe a little bit about that? And yeah, just whatever you know about it and if you could enlighten her and everyone else.

19:58 – Suzanne Gerber (Guest)
To a certain degree I can. Yes, Astrocartography and people. Astro are the stars and carto has to do with maps, right? So basically, what we do first, we take the screenshot of the sky at the second we were minute we were born, and we put it into the familiar round 360 circular chart, and that’s what most people are familiar with. But you can take the same starry alignment and you could put it out over a map where a planet rises and culminates and sets, where it descends, against the Earth’s ecliptic, of course, and then what we see are and this is probably what you were looking at.

It was so confusing you see a lot of colored lines. Usually you’ll see the vertical lines that kind of culminate maybe down in Australia and then come up through Asia and then culminate through the United States, just for instance. So these are the planetary lines and if you are living anywhere within, maybe, let’s say, 100, 150 miles of that line, certain areas of your life, the areas of life that we associate with that planetary energy field, will be influenced by that location. So let’s say, your Venus line runs through Southern California. Well, the understanding is your love life or romance or your interactions just with other people. That don’t have to be romantic, but it’s person to person. It could be your creativity, it could be how your values shift and become more refined in a certain way in that area. And so we look at, we take a person’s chart, we plug it into a software program and we get to see these lines.

And people might say you know, I moved to this place, but everything you know, it seems to be a challenge and a struggle and everything feels like I’m slugging uphill. Well, they’re living on their Saturn line, which is about lessons and challenges for our own good. They’re not being punished, but it just. But they’re taking the harder path. So we want to, if we can, if we’re considering a relocation, or just to understand how place influences us, because everything is of the same energy field, time, space. Right, that’s what so much of astrology based on your birth time, tarot cards or any kind of divination of that minute. What is the energy of that minute? How is it reflected in the symbology that you’re choosing to work with?

Now, true, astrocartography also looks at the horizontal or the latitudinal lines, frontal or the latitudinal lines and so you start to get a much more detailed story that emerges. But you can’t go to a free site like astrocom, which many people who don’t have their own software will use. It’s a great site, or astroseek, and you can plug that in and see your map. You’re only going to see the vertical lines, which is interesting, and I’m not a specialist in this. There are people who they’re experts in this. Sometimes it’s also called locational astrology, and so that’s what it is. I think it’s fascinating, but ultimately I got to say I’m a really big believer in we don’t give our power away to the planets. They influence they guide, they reflect us. They shouldn’t direct us.

23:40 – Gloria “Grace” Rand (Host)
And you know what. That leads me to a question that I was going to ask earlier, but I think that kind of maybe your comment just actually alludes to it a little bit more. Is there any common belief about astrology that you passionately disagree with?

24:01 – Suzanne Gerber (Guest)
That it is not a fatalistic view of the world. I mean not the way modern, humanistic, soul-oriented or evolutionary astrologers, or transformational astrologers there’s like a million kinds of astrology these days we don’t look at it that way. There are patterns, there is something that we’ve come in to do, there are contracts that our soul makes. It’s like a New Year’s resolution, except this one we really get held to. You know, it’s like a New Year’s resolution, except this one we really get held to. We want to. The soul wants to experience things. That’s why our charts represent a lot of different expressions of the planets. They’re not bad and that’s linked to it. There’s no such thing as a bad. Placement might be a little more challenging, but that means this soul has agreed to experience this way life this way, to learn to experience the things that it’s here to do. So this is the thing that makes me crazy is when people, whether we’re in a session or we’re just talking casually, they’ll say oh my, you know, moon is in Scorpio. That makes me be so jealous. No, a glyph on a piece of paper or a screen doesn’t make you do anything. It reflects you back to you.

I always love to use the metaphor, if you will, of our charts being like a psychic MRI. You twist something, break something, you go to the doctor. She’s going to order an MRI and then you’re going to go back. You’re going to look. She’s going to put it up on the screen. You’re going to see what’s going on. But if you need an operation, she’s not going to operate on a computer, that’s just a mirror reflecting back you. The work is always with us, the choice to some degree, and that’s the great mystery. To a certain degree, the choices are ours and that’s how the soul grows, not through the experience, through the choices we make and the attitude, the state of mind that we make these choices in.

26:21 – Gloria “Grace” Rand (Host)
Oh, absolutely, and I love that you pointed out, and hopefully my brain will work now because I just had it and it’s escaping me but no, about the point that our soul has an idea of what it wants to accomplish, or at least this is my belief. My belief is that we come here with something that we want to do, something that we want to learn, you know, as you mentioned, and that, yeah, and so maybe it is that we pick a particular time and a place to come in, so that then the conditions are right. I guess maybe Would that be a good way to say that we have the ability to ripen in certain areas and also have certain challenges that can come up and then but we still do have this ability that we can ignore them or not, and maybe come to someone like you for a little guidance and say you know, this is bothering me, Is there anything I can do differently to ?

27:24 – Suzanne Gerber (Guest)
It’s perfect the way you said it. Absolutely, Our soul chose in circumstances. And a lot of people right now are probably going I want a do-over, I made a mistake, I chose the wrong, you know, parent or community or something like that. No, we didn’t. No mistakes, no snare. Absolutely there are no mistakes. We are not victims, we are not being punished. This was happening for us. You know this cliche right, it’s not happening to us, it’s happening for us. These are the opportunities Now, and this is where I immediately have to insert the serenity prayer, because there are things, the things we cannot change.

It just doesn’t make sense to fight and resist so those things. I think this is part of what the soul journey is about recognizing things that we just get to accept, but to have the courage to change the things we can get to accept, but to have the courage to change the things we can. And, of course and this is the beauty of Virgo the wisdom, the wisdom to know the difference. And if we can truly live the serenity prayer, I think we are on the way to quantum leaps in our soul’s evolution. And when we cannot, and then you know, the cherry on top is not just accepting it, it’s being in true gratitude for it, in absolute awe. What an amazing life I’ve chosen for myself.

29:05 – Gloria “Grace” Rand (Host)
Oh, my goodness, there’s so much we can like, on and on and on, but I do want to be mindful of folks time, but I’m still gonna. I’m going to ask you if you could maybe give me a short answer to this question, just because I love asking it what are you curious about right now?

29:22 – Suzanne Gerber (Guest)
You’re just going to leave it that open-ended? I am endlessly curious about what technology will, how it will advance, how it interfaces with human life, how we can use it for healing work, for improving our lives, for self-awareness, for communication and connection. You know Pluto has gone into Aquarius. Last year it had a little two-month sneak preview. The day it went into Aquarius was the day that the stable version of chat GPT was released to the world. The same day Pluto had not been in Aquarius for 240-something years, literally the same day.

Aquarius is the sign that’s associated with modernity and technology and advances. This is a very exciting time we’re living in. It’s also a very scary time that we’re living in. We get to choose which lens we want to see it through, and I feel like all these concerns about AI and fake news and fake everything and scamming and yes, this is real, we can’t just pretend it away with positive thinking Of course that’s just the shadow. We always want to be aware of the shadow. As we stay aware of the shadow, then we can open to all of the possibilities and potentials that are available to us. And technology used to change at a certain predictable rate of acceleration. With the digital age and nanotechnology and so many advances that we’re making. Commentators on this say we actually now advance about what used to be about 100 years of progress in just a couple of years. It is that accelerated. So I just kick back and I’m like what’s next?

31:18 – Gloria “Grace” Rand (Host)
I love that. Yeah, yeah, absolutely. It’s exciting, it really is, and I choose to focus on that. But, as you say, we can’t have blinders to it and we can also look for what’s the good that we can find with this rather than dealing with the negative, because, again, it’s energy and what we focus on grows, and so if we want to stay more positive, let’s look for the positive aspects of this and more so. This has been phenomenal. I’ve really enjoyed our conversation so much, and I’m sure that others out there would love to know more about you, want to know how they can connect with you, so what is the best place for people to do that?

32:08 – Suzanne Gerber (Guest)
There are a number of places to do that my website and you’re putting the link up right now. I call my company Stars and Stones Healing, because I also do shamanic energy work and Reiki, like yourself, and in my shamanic training we create these little mesas, these little portable altars that we work with sacred stones that have become sacred through our own process work. So it’s stars and stones. I also, when people are just kind of curious, they just want to have a quick conversation to see if whatever they’re dealing with or their questions around their birth can be dealt with. Just book a free call. I always have room in my calendar and I have a link that people can use. It’s AskSuzanne. I’m Suzanne Gerber. Asksuzanne dot com. That will take you right to my calendar. We can jump on a quick call, get to know each other. You can see if it feels like something you want to do. I never. It’s not something you push. It’s either aligned or it isn’t, and that’s either way is wonderful. There you know. So that is available.

I also have a private Facebook group where we just share astrology and that’s called Soul Purpose Soul Purpose Astrology. You have to become a member, it’s free. Everybody gets approved, unless it’s pretty obvious they’re a bot. I don’t think anybody listening here is a bot, so that’s Soul Purpose Astrology. On Facebook. I have an Instagram account, but it was hacked so there’s not much content there right now.

33:48 – Gloria “Grace” Rand (Host)
All right, I feel you, I’ve been there, done that. It’s so annoying. Well, again, thank you so much for being here and, as Lisa commented on Facebook, she said it was a fun chat and I agree this has been wonderful, and maybe we’ll have to have you on again in the future to talk about stones because that’s intriguing, and I missed my chance. I should have done better homework on you, and then I would have known to ask you about that, but I did want to focus on astrology for this episode, so there we go.

34:19 – Suzanne Gerber (Guest)
No, this was wonderful. Everything happens in perfect divine time. As for your invitation to come back, I’m on the record. I accept.

34:29 – Gloria “Grace” Rand (Host)
Perfect, awesome. Well, I also want to thank all of you for watching today and for listening on your favorite podcast platform. Make sure that you rate us and review us everywhere that you do listen or comment, and join us next week, because we’re going to be talking about another tool for guidance with our guest, megan Mary. We’re going to be talking about your dreams, so I hope you will join us for that and until then, as always, I invite you to go out and live fully, love deeply and engage authentically. Did you know that a majority of entrepreneurs tend to discount the importance of their work and a good number feel their success is simply due to luck? I know from personal experience that self-doubt can keep you from having the kind of life and business you desire. That’s why I’ve created a free guide called Uniquely you how to move from self-doubt to self-love in four simple steps. To claim your free guide, go to liveloveengage dot gift. That’s liveloveengage dot g-i-f-t.

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An online marketer, SEO copywriter, and speaker for 15+ years, Gloria Grace Rand has helped over 150 companies including AAA and Scholastic Book Fairs attract and convert leads into sales.

Losing her older sister to cancer propelled Gloria on a journey of spiritual awakening that resulted in the publication of her international best-selling book, "Live. Love. Engage. – How to Stop Doubting Yourself and Start Being Yourself."

Known as “The Light Messenger” for her ability to intuitively transmit healing messages of love and light, Gloria combines a unique blend of energy healing techniques, intuition, and marketing expertise to create transformational results for her clients.

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