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How to Create More Abundance in Your Life and Business

Would you like more abundance in your life and business? I think most people would. I can always use more! 🙂

I’m going to share some strategies on how to do just that in this article. But first, let’s define what abundance is, so we’re on the same page.

Merriam-Webster has 3 definitions for abundance:
1) an ample quantity
2) affluence; wealth
3) relative degree of plentifulness

I think many people equate abundance with wealth. But money alone won’t make you happy. (Even though some people think so!) I believe having an abundance of peace, love and joy along with that money makes for a full, rich life.

I’ve been helping business owners create a profitable online presence through SEO copywriting and other online marketing strategies for nearly 10 years now. In that time, I’ve struggled with abundance, and have seen many of clients do the same. I’ve come to believe that one of the reasons for this is that many people have some unconscious limiting beliefs that are holding them back.

Rewriting the “I’m Not Enough” Story

A few years back, my sister Michaela, a massage therapist, called me to ask my advice. One of her clients had given her $1,000 as a Christmas gift. Michaela wanted to know if she should accept it. Because the gift was so large, she felt uncomfortable about it.

That feeling stemmed from the fact that she had a limiting belief that she wasn’t worthy to accept this generous gift from a client.

I asked her a few questions and found out that Michaela had successfully treated this client for several years. The woman came to my sister in great pain, and now was walking around pain-free. So to her, my sister’s service was absolutely worth $1,000, if not more! After we talked for a while, my sister realized that she was worthy of this generous gift, so she accepted it.

This is the trap many of us get into. We feel like we’re not enough or we’re not worthy of being paid what we ask. If that’s the case with you, here’s a tip: keep a record of your testimonials. When you’re feeling like you don’t deserve to be successful, or you’re afraid to raise your fees, review those testimonials. Your clients valued your services and you need to own that!

Cultivate an Attitude of Gratitude

Another way to open the abundance flow in your life and business is to practice an attitude of gratitude. One of the practices I recommend to my clients is to start a gratitude journal. I like to write in my journal first thing in the morning because it raises my energy vibration, and puts me in a good mood so that I start the day on the right foot.

I write 10 things that I’m grateful for in my life. Even if you’re experiencing challenges in your life or your business at the moment, I’m sure you can find 10 things to be grateful for, starting with the fact that you’re alive and breathing! You have a roof over your head. You have food to eat and clothes to wear. And since you’re reading this, you must have an internet connection and/or a smartphone! Get the picture?

To get the full benefit of this, I encourage you to take your time with this task. If you’re just writing 10 things to fill up a piece of paper, it won’t have the same impact as if you truly felt the gratitude deep in your heart. I believe what you send out comes back to you multiplied. If you are sending out gratitude into the world, you will have more to be grateful for.

Priming the Abundance Pipeline

The last tip I want to share is how to keep the abundance pipeline flowing when you’re emotional tank is running low or on empty. On those days when you’re feeling low, discouraged and challenged to feel grateful, it’s important to shift that energy. If your kitchen drain gets clogged with old food and other junk, the water won’t flow. It’s the same with you. When you’re filled with negative emotions, it clogs your spirit, and you cut yourself off from the flow of abundance.

Here are a few tips to raise your spirits, and your energy, so you can get moving in a higher vibration and attract more abundance into your life:

1. Read your gratitude journal
2. Write in your gratitude journal
3. Take a walk outside
4. Listen to music
5. Dance
6. Do something artistic, like draw a picture
7. Call a friend
8. Read a book
9. Meditate or pray
10. Journal about your feelings

As you can see, creating more abundance in your life and business requires some effort and consistent practice. There’s no better way to do that than with the suppport of other people in a mastermind. I’m currently accepting members for my Connect Mastermind. Learn more about this program and apply here.

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About the Author
An online marketer, SEO copywriter, and speaker for 15+ years, Gloria Grace Rand has helped over 150 companies including AAA and Scholastic Book Fairs attract and convert leads into sales.

Losing her older sister to cancer propelled Gloria on a journey of spiritual awakening that resulted in the publication of her international best-selling book, "Live. Love. Engage. – How to Stop Doubting Yourself and Start Being Yourself."

Known as “The Light Messenger” for her ability to intuitively transmit healing messages of love and light, Gloria combines a unique blend of energy healing techniques, intuition, and marketing expertise to create transformational results for her clients.

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