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Belief and the Power of Your Words

The following is a transcript of today’s Facebook Live:

Namaste. Happy Friday! Holy smokes we have come to the end of another work week and I believe it’s going to be a great day today.

I am Gloria Grace Rand and I am here as I often am, I attempt to be – Monday through Friday at nine o’clock Eastern sharing with you the Daily Word from Unity. And if you were paying attention, you already know today’s Daily Word, because I gave it away, it is BELIEVE and the affirmation is, “I believe in the power of my words and thoughts.”

Here’s the reading from Unity.

DailyWord is Belief

Matthew’s gospel tells the story of a Roman military officer who comes to Jesus seeking healing for his seriously ill servant. When Jesus offers to visit the officer’s home for the healing, the officer responds “only speak the word, and my servant will be healed.”

Like the officer, I appreciate the power of words and thoughts. The way I think and speak show me what I believe and how I direct my faith. My beliefs and faith shape my life experience.

If, even after careful planning and preparation, I feel uncertain of my ability to successfully complete a task or project, I bring my attention back to my words and thoughts. I believe all of the wisdom, power, love, and strength of God express through me. With faith, I speak this truth and move ahead with confidence.

And then it’s always they end this Daily Word with a reading from scripture, and this is from Matthew 8:13 – Jesus said, “Go; let it be done for you according to your faith.”

Now let’s talk about the power of words and thoughts and how they create our faith. They actually do lead to that because beliefs are just thoughts that we keep thinking. And that creates our life and this morning I was doing some journaling as I often do, I actually I do that every morning I’ve been journaling. And I realized that there were some limiting beliefs, that I have that have impacted my life experience and I’ll share with you.

One of them, I wrote about a couple of today, but the one I thought was interesting is that, for some reason, and I know I’ve had this belief, for a long time, is that I’m not good at coming up with questions. I’m not good at coming up with questions to ask. I don’t know how many times I’ve listened to a presentation that somebody gave me, and then they would say so, “do you have any questions,” and I’ll be like, “Not right now, not right now, maybe later I’ll let you know if I have something.”

That’s been my default response for a long time, so I realized today that that’s just a limiting belief that I have. I know that I do ask good questions and I’ve got the evidence to prove it. I have been interviewing guests on my podcast my level of engaged podcasts for the last almost two years now we’re coming up on our two-year anniversary next month actually yeah and I am able to ask questions. I have some questions prepared ahead of time, but oftentimes I just let the conversation dictate what question I’m going to ask next.

So I decided in my journal, that I was going to start affirming that, I am curious, I am capable of asking good questions. And in the future when I’m in a situation where someone asks me, “do you have any questions,” I’m going to say, “I need a moment to think about what all you’ve told me so give me a moment to think and see if I do have any questions.”

And by taking that moment to think it gives me a chance to check in with my higher self. And, to see if, in fact, perhaps there is a question there that I want to ask. But I’ve always been so quick to brush it off, I never give myself a chance so going forward today, I have decided that I’m going to stop and check in with myself and that’s something that you can too, check in with your intuition, check in with your higher power when whenever you’re in a situation like that because your higher power will always steer you in the right direction. That’s my belief, my faith. It’s why I believe in letting go and letting God and trusting that God has our back, the universe has our back so and, again, as it says here, it says ‘with faith I speak this truth and move ahead with confidence.’

But, actually, I’m going to back up because it says, I’m going to read this whole pretty much this last paragraph again…

“If, after careful planning and preparation, I feel uncertain of my ability to successfully complete a task or project I bring my attention back to my words and thoughts. I believe all of the wisdom power love and strength of God express through me and then with faith I speak this truth and move ahead with confidence.”

You see, I believe also that we are created in God’s image we have the ability to express and not only… Well, to embrace first our divinity and then to express it, to express that to let God express through us, so we can tap in and ask God for guidance, for insight, for direction, and then we can step out in faith and speak that truth.

So I believe the affirmation again is, “I believe in the power of my words and thoughts,” because your words and thoughts do have power. They have the power to create your life experience so choose them wisely.

And don’t just go on automatic pilot because that’s your ego reacting; instead be proactive and stop for a moment. Pause. Take a breath. Check in with your higher self and say, “how do I want to respond?” This is also good when you’re in a conflict with someone. Rather than just blurting out something that you’re going to regret later, if someone says something that upsets you, stop, pause, gather yourself before you respond and then trust that God will give you the right words to say and so that hopefully you won’t create more conflicts and you instead will be able to defuse it.

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