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How to Attract High-Quality Clients with Shayla Boyd-Gill

Want to attract more high-quality buyers? You’ll learn how on today’s episode, as we’re joined by entrepreneur and mentor Shayla Boyd-Gill. Shayla created the Luxe Your Business sales system which helps women scale their six-figure business so they can make a great impact and income.

Shayla went from bankruptcy to a multiple six-figure business—all while homeschooling her six children. We hear all about her experiences as she touches on the important aspects of building a business. She also provides valuable tips on how to attract the high-quality clients that you desire to your business.

On this episode of the Live. Love. Engage. podcast:

  • The experience that inspired Shayla to homeschool her kids.
  • How Shayla made her first six figures as a natural childbirth educator and doula.
  • Shayla’s experience in filing for bankruptcy.
  • How she landed on teaching women to start and scale businesses.
  • Why it’s important to have an abundance mindset in business.
  • The common myth around landing high-quality clients.
  • Why you should build a business that works energetically for you.
  • How to use language to attract the clients you want.
  • How to serve clients who are not the right fit for you.
  • The power of saying no.
  • Why focusing on money alone can hurt your reputation.
  • The successful way to approach a business plan with your partner and family.
  • How your proof is your doing.
  • The ways entrepreneurship can influence your children.
  • The biggest lesson Shayla learned in her own entrepreneurial journey.
  • How you can embrace who you are in business and why it matters.

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You’re listening to the Live love Engage podcast. On today’s show, why attracting high quality clients can help you work fewer hours and make more money.
Stay tuned. I am Gloria grace, Rand, founder of the love method and author of the number. Want Amazon best seller live love, engage how to stop doubting yourself and start being yourself. In this podcast, we share practical advice from a spiritual perspective on how to live fully love, deeply and engage authentically so you can create a life and business with more impact, influence, and income. Welcome to live love, engage

Namaste and welcome back to another addition of live love, engage, and I’m delighted to have a woman joining us from, uh, Maryland today. And her name name is Shayla Boyd-Gill, and I wanna welcome you first off Shayla to live love and engage.

Well, thank you so much, Gloria. I’m so excited to be here with your community today.
Well, thank you. And I’m excited too, because this is a powerhouse woman. So let me, let me just give you a little glimpse of a little bit of about what she has accomplished and, uh, and that she’s gonna share more details, of course. Um, but she has juggles being an entrepreneur, a wife of 24 years, a mom of six homeschooled children. I’ve like bow you right there. Um, number one, having six kids and then homeschooling them, oh my gosh, I could not have, you know, matter that I was enough with two. Um, she’s also went from bankruptcy to a multiple six figure business, and now she’s a family freedom and affluent mentor and creator of the luxury business sales system. And she really helps well shows women entrepreneurs, how to have it a all family, freedom and affluence while doing what they love. And I really want to hear all about this, uh, because it’s something that I know a lot of women entrepreneurs struggle with and to be able to really, to, to do that, to be able to run a business, to be successful, to have a family. So tell me a little bit about your story and how is it that you, you know, went from bankruptcy to multiple six figure business and at the same time you’re homeschooling, um, kids as well. That’s so

It’s a wild story. It’s, it’s definitely a wild story. And just to give you a little bit more history behind the scenes, I left corporate America in 20, um, 2003. And when I left, I literally had to say to myself, what are you gonna do? How can you make this different? Because my family did depend on a two family income. The biggest reason for me leaving was having a meeting with my first son’s, um, teacher. He was in the first grade and she said, he’s such an amazing student. He’s really smart, but we don’t have enough support for him. He should be in the third grade, but he’s not emotionally prepared for the third grade. You know, he’s ahead and he’s bored. And her biggest concern was we’re gonna dumb him down if he stays in this system. So you have two options, you can put him in private school or you can homeschool him.

So what I love to tell people is the way my budget was set up in 2003, private private school, wasn’t an option for us. And so I feel like the universe literally just said, you’re gonna have to take a radical leap. And I had to not be an educator, just throw myself into the world of homeschooling. And so I decided we’re gonna do this homeschooling journey and I still need to make money. I need to figure out how we can maintain what we have and not be in a place of struggle. And so I looked at my husband, I was like, what’s something I do really well. He was like, oh, you know, you have this skill. You good with math? You good with that? I’m like, yeah, but what do I really do well? And after we kind of thought about this, the running joke in my house was I’m really good at having babies.

No one says this, Gloria, okay, no one. I said, look, I believe you can monetize anything. And what I, the reason I said that Gloria is because what I understood is the women in my community were having pretty traumatic birthing experiences. And I couldn’t understand why I was like, I don’t understand it. I had such beautiful experiences at this point. I had three children and I’m like, I, you know, the experience with every woman’s experiences, her experience. But when you compare and they’re like, oh, whoa, everyone has a war story about birth. And I felt like I was on the opposite end. And I said, well, what did I do different? I realized I had, um, the, I had a class for birthing classes, but it was a natural birthing class. I had a doula, I had a midwife. I’m like, that’s the missing piece?

Yeah. We kind of go with the routine of things, but we didn’t realize there were resources available. I just happened to stumble across them. And so what I did is I became a natural child birth at educator and a doula because I said, if I can give this back to my community and other women and educate women, this teach women how to be able to advocate for themselves. I can make a difference. That’s where I made my first six figures. I really positioned myself and didn’t realize it. I understood how to do business. I remember sitting with clients, going for an interview to see they would take me on as their doula. And they’re like, you’re the only one showing up as if it’s a business. They said, are you a part of an agency? I’m like, well, I am the agency, but I had my collateral together.

I understood how to have a conversation that converted. I understood how to help them feel like they were valued. I didn’t show up. Like we had, we, our running joke in our industry. He’s like, we all wore Birk stocks and something like that. But I’m like, I could be on Nara, but still have a business. And I said, this is something I could do. I did it. And I gave until I could give anymore, but I didn’t understand how to manage the money of the business. So here’s what I love to tell people. And this is where this gets into your question. Why bankruptcy? What I love to tell people is if you have a hundred thousand dollars and you spend 101, What is that?

Yeah. That, that doesn’t work. Yep. Unfortunately
Something’s broken there when your eye is not staying on the prize. When you’re not managing what’s going on around you, you can be an ultra giver. You can make decisions that are not conducive. And I had to really just say, you made some Royal mistakes. It ended up in bankruptcy. I was going through that guilt cycle. I felt really bad. I’m like, how can I be homeschooling? I’m supposed to be smart. I’m supposed to be this. I’m supposed to be that. And I’m like, no, you made a mistake, but you’re gonna learn a lesson missed mistake. So from there I learned how to really reach out guest support. I had my own coaches. I learned how to do money differently. I learned how to do more effectively. And when I was burning out of the birthing cycle, I said, how can I still support and advocate for women? A lot of my moms, they had babies. They didn’t wanna go back to work.

But what do you do really well? I started teaching them how to start a business. And that was in 2012. And since then, I’ve not only taught women how to start businesses, but they’ve grown and I’ve been able to elevate my message. So that’s where we’ve gotten to the point where we’re teaching women, how to scale business and, or build sellable businesses. So that’s how I got here.

Love that. That is so many great lessons there, but I think the, the most important, well, there’s a couple really important ones. Number one, you had a supportive spouse who, you know, brainstorm with you to try to figure out what, what you were good at. And I think that’s so important that not everybody necessarily has when they’re starting a new business. Um, and, and I think also of the fact that yeah, that you, you looked at what was it that you were really good and, and looked at what was missing, you know, what was, what was something that there was a void in, in your community that you were able to fill? So that’s really great. Um, I wanted to talk a little bit more about, you know, you, you mentioned then being able to, now that you’re, you’re helping other business owners and, and, and women to be able to really grow their business and less time, and you talk about being able to, um, you know, do this with fewer clients. Because a lot of times, sometimes we, we think we have to, you know, serve everybody, but then we’re not necessarily also charging appropriately. And that gets to be a problem. So, um, how can you actually like work fewer hours and, and, and make more money and, and does the client, you know, does that entail then, you know, being able to work with fewer clients,

Right? So there are several things that we’re looking at. Number one, it’s really honing in on who your high quality client is. And this is where we are givers. If we are naturally energetically givers, you’re right. We want to serve everyone. And we’re always concerned that we’re gonna leave someone behind. But if look at this world, we know there are lots of people in this world there’s enough for everyone. And so I had to really get into that mindset of abundance of, I don’t have to be the person for everyone. There’s someone that’s available to serve this person. That’s not a right fit for me. I had to get outta the habit of taking on everyone, because it was slowing me down. And in reality, you’re slowing your clients down too. When your focus is everywhere. When you start lasering into the high quality perfect client for yourself, you are gonna spend less time, but they are gonna grasp onto what you have quicker.

They are gonna be clients that you tend to. So you’re not gonna find yourself always searching and looking outward, trying to find the next client. You know, it’s like, I gotta make new money, gotta do another launch. You’re gonna spend less time launching. And you may not even do launches. You’ll have a natural feeder for clients. And what I love to tell you, when you get to a certain caliber of a client, the is, if I am a high ticket, um, expert, they’re gonna need so much more for me, for me to justify this price point. It’s a complete opposite. Your higher quality clients are typically just as busy as you are. They’re not needing as much time. They’re needing the information that you have. They need your advocation. They want you to advocate with them and for them, but they’re not needing you all the time. It’s, it’s a level of emotional maturity that comes along with that. And in that case, you will find yourself sitting back saying, am I doing enough? You know, because you see your peers are super. And you’re wondering like, okay, why do I have this much time on my hand? You can create that when we leave our jobs, we’re typically saying, I wanna go in business for myself so I can have freedom.

Right. And that freedom ends up looking at 60 hours a week or more. Right. That’s freedom. And so it’s really looking at what is it? You really desire for yourself, for your business, for your family, and how can you create that? And a lot of this comes with just ease and grace really allowing yourself to flow through ease and grace, identifying who that client is being the best value for that client. Like bringing your best self to that client. And just really looking strategically, look at your numbers. How many people do I really need? Can I, can my business survive on 20 clients a year or less? I say to myself, I, I know, I think it’s important to work your business the way it works for you. Energetically. If energetically I’m quite introverted, I don’t do big volumes. I can’t be in a big room with a whole lot of people. Why force it? It’s just a drain on you. So build it so that it works for you. And that’s what we’re able to do over here.

I love that. Um, and love how use the phrase, even grace, that’s like one of my favorite phrases. That’s cause that’s, that’s what I’m all about too, is, is being able to create business for myself that really operates that way and being able to help others do the same. Um, one thing that I know in some of the clients I’ve worked with, and even me as well from time to time, as well as finding it challenging is how to attract those high quality, um, clients. And, and I think even highly qualified also, we can call it as well. So how, how can someone go about doing that?

So when we’re looking at highly qualified clients, it really is number one, speak their language. So you’re, it can be very easy for us to speak dual languages. What I mean by dual language, say you want a high quality client that wants to scale their business. But if my language is, would you like to be able to sell high ticket? Would you like to get your first four figure month? Would you like I’m speaking below oh, to a client. That’s not the client that I really want. So number one, you wanna make sure your ma your message matches the level of the client that you’re looking for. If you’re speaking a message of struggle and your clients, aren’t struggling, you’re going to attract a crowd. That’s struggling. And you’re saying, well, these people aren’t the fit for me. Well, you spoke to them, your client couldn’t hear it.

So, number one is your messaging. Number two, I like to use applications for qualifiers in your application. You can put specific questions in there so that you can field out people. And what I love to say is people will, self-select, some people will start my applications and they’re like, yeah, that’s not for me, but it’s not a problem. And then if they get through the application and it’s really not for them, I love to say you are not obligated to speak to everyone on the phone. You can send a reply and say, unfortunately, your me, your application wasn’t accepted, but here are some resources. The resources could be your internal resource. The resources could be a referral to some partners that are a better fit. So if someone’s applying for me and they’re saying, I don’t have a business, I have a job that’s interfering.

That’s probably not my client. I know exactly who to send them to. So they’re still gonna be served. And then your last thing, your third is once you’re getting on the phone with people, you’re still not obligated to make an offer. You’re not obligated to invite people in. You can ask questions. And through that discovery, that’s why we call it discovery through that discovery process. If you really are being authentic, but you’re so, and not being forced, like you’re not being so scripted that you’re like, okay, I’m at step one, step two, step three. If you, and there are four things I tell people to do. One thing you have to lead on that call L E a D. You need to listen. If you’re not listening, you’re gonna make an offer to the wrong person you need to learn. Is this a right fit client?

Or is this something that I need to let go of and leave? Sometimes you’re getting on a call with people and you just need to end the call and you have the authority to do that. So your filtering is your message, your application and the discovery process. And I know some people are listening and saying, well, how do I, I find those people to get to those places. You might be finding them through. If you’re speaking, it could be through a podcast like this. It could be through your website. It could be referrals. There are lots of vehicles to find those people. So it’s not a case that the people don’t exist. You just need to find which vehicle is most effective for you, your message and your brand.

Mm, awesome. That is so important. And, and I know that, like I said, so many of women entrepreneurs that I think in particular, um, we, we do, we want to be able to serve other people and we want to be able to serve. We’ve got big hearts. And so it’s, it’s recognizing that when we’re in control of the conversation, I think that’s, that was a really big point that you put out that we’re not obligated to do things that aren’t in alignment with ourselves, that we have the ability to say no
Thats, the amazing word. Right?
I know. Yeah. One, one of my first clients that they were life coaches and they had a talk that was called no is a complete sentence.

Yes. Yes. Well, it’s important. And think about this, Gloria. I don’t know if this has ever happened to you before, but how many times have you made an offer to someone you had red flags, but you made the offer anyway, being a giver. Oh yeah.
And it ends up being the worst case scenario. Like you’re like, when is this going to end? Or you’re saying to yourself, oh, I gotta get on the phone with this person again, let me breathe. First. You have to prepare, they may energetically drain you. But there was something that was, there was something that kind of gave you a warning before you both said yes. And you ignored that. Yeah,

Absolutely. And that’s why I, one of my missions, I think in life now is really helping people to listen to that intuition because I have, yes, I’ve absolutely done that. And it’s bitten me in the butt. I like to say every time when I don’t. Yeah.
Every time and you, and you know, it you’re signing off and you’re like, I shouldn’t have done that.
Yeah, absolutely. Um, how could someone that like really wants to be able to do this? What, you know, once you’re saying, get it wrong, do you think,

Let me get it wrong. Um, there’s several ways you can get this wrong. You’re looking outward and trying to follow or model what someone else is doing if you’re doing it. And you’re only focused on the dollar, meaning you’re like, if you’re saying, I wanna make a lot of money, I wanna do high ticket. You throw extra zeros behind a dollar amount that you charge. You are not creating the true experience for your client. You’re just creating a money grab. It’s going to go wrong. You’re gonna have clients that won’t get the transformation that you promise. You’re gonna have a reputation. That’s not going to be in your favor. And you will feel inauthentic about what it is. It won’t, there will not be longevity associated with it. You can’t sustain a fraud. It, it just can’t be sustained. It’s going to blow up somewhere.

So it’s better. You know, and one of the things I’ve been talking to my clients about is just really being yourself. It’s we, we put a lot of effort into being something that we’re not because they’re is so much noise that we’re getting socially. There’s so much confusion. There’s so much, it’s too much information. And when we get too much information, everyone has a way. And if you are not focused on your way, you’ll get distracted by trying to follow multiple. And in that case, you don’t have a metric that you can follow. There’s no true data associated with what you’re doing, because you don’t give whatever you’re doing enough time to be able to prove that what you’re doing can work. So that’s where you’ll see people say, well, this thing doesn’t work. Or, you know, I tried that, but it didn’t work. And I love to ask people, even when they come to me and maybe they work with someone else, well, this person’s thing didn’t work.

How did you work it? I would love to ask people, how did you choose to work it? Because we will look for an out and they’ll say, well, I tried it for one month. I’m like, well, okay. Was that really enough time to determine? And that might be a red flag for me. Like how many people did you work with? Oh, I’ve worked with five people and every one of them had a problem. Okay. Maybe you’re the problem. No one wants to hear that though. I’m like, I’m like, oh, that’s interesting. That’s awful. You know? Yeah. Yeah. So, sorry you had that experience and you know, we’re probably not a good fit. I don’t want you to have that experience over here either. Yeah. That’s the warning sign. It’s like go run.

Yeah. Oh yeah. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. I mean, I had, I had a woman who I was, I was actually a while back a couple, few years ago, I was trying to help her with crafting a resume and I would make all these suggestions and, and also about like how to use LinkedIn more effectively. And yeah. And it was like, she just kept batting down everything. I said, no, Nope. I tried that. Or no, no, somebody else says you can’t do that that way. And I’m like, and I was getting physically upset. I’m just like, my stomach was turning in nos, listening to her. And I finally said, you know what? Yeah, I, I thought I could help you, but I really think we’re just not the right fit. And I’m gonna have to, you’re gonna have to find somebody else to do it your way. Think, I, I think I gave her maybe some other name, but I, I think even that person she was, you know, said now
You know, some people are their own worst enemy at times and they have to, sometimes you have to, you know, bottom out before you’re willing to be able to accept help and
So true. That’s so true.

Um, I wanted go circle back to, um, a little bit what I mentioned at, at the beginning that you had a really supportive spouse. It sounded like when you were first, even, you know, just deciding to launch a business, how do you enroll someone, you know, you know, enroll your family and enroll your spouse into supporting you because, um, you know, um, I love, I love my hubby, but he also used to, uh, kind of needle me a little bit and saying, you know, how’s that hobby of yours coming along. And I was, you know, very sure kinda get my dander up, you know? I bet. So how, how, yeah. How are you able to do that?

That’s a good question, Gloria. So, um, I, I love to tell my clients, one of your first sales conversation is gonna be with your family. Hmm. And let me tell you some mistakes first, and then I’ll tell you the how,

Good. The mistake I find is you go to your partner and you’re like, guess what? I’m doing this business. I’m investing in this thing and it’s gonna cost $30,000. And they’re looking at you, like say what
All they heard. They didn’t hear the joy. They didn to hear the business. They heard the dollar amount. And typically it’s a dollar amount that is not in alignment with them. Like they would say, okay, that’s a car or that’s something else. And especially if they’re not entrepreneurial minded, they’re looking at you like, okay, she might need something that we need to talk to a doctor because she’s lost her mind. This is a mistake because the whole conversation was about you. So the way that you enroll your family is to bring them into the conversation. What I love to do when I’m talking to my husband, especially because I travel a lot, I’m in a hotel right now. I’m going to do X, Y, Z. So we can, we is a key in your conversation. So if I’m doing this in the business so that we can be able to take this vacation so that we can be able to meet this goal and get this home so that we can be able to have, you know, one week, every month together where I’m not working in the business and I can spend more time with the family.

I’m enrolling them. So it’s a win for them and it’s a win for me. And so we is your friend. When you’re having a conversation with the family, you will have some family that may still not be able to align, and it’s not their job to love what you’re doing. But we do ask that they respect and support you in what you’re doing. So it may be, I only need this much time so that we can be able to do this and it’s committing to it. So if you find yourself, you’re constantly at your computer at dinner time, and the family’s looking at you in another room, like she’s not been at the table for a week. Of course, they’re gonna question things. If you know, you’re in the midst of something big, you will let the family know I’m in the midst of something big, but this is only gonna take one week.

I will be back and fully present at this time. And when you are supposed to be present for your family, put the phone down, put the close the computer for goodness sake. You know, let them know you are there when I’m traveling, because I do homeschool and the way our family’s set up, I’m making sure we’re checking in on video. They see me, I’m checking in to say, I’m still here. They understand. Sometimes I bring them with me. Look, we are going in a drip and part of the trip, mom’s gonna do this little thing. And then we’re extending our time so that we can do more. So again, it’s enrolling them in it. People will use language that will feel belittling. So you may have, the family member says that, like you said, how’s that little business that you’re doing like right. People use the words little or that hobby. And cause they don’t see it as a nine to five. It’s okay. You can say little, but you are demonstrating through. I demonstrate through my longevity. I demonstrated through what I’m able to do. And they’re like, oh, that little business is growing. I’m like, yeah, I don’t work as hard as you do either. So of course I have a smart response in my head, but I don’t see it. But you know, it’s just your, your proof is your doing

And you really, in reality, you don’t have to prove anything to anyone just be consistent. But what you can, another mistake is continuously bringing your problems to the family because they love you. And they’re concerned about if you’re like, oh, this client did this, oh, I’m losing money. I didn’t get this launch. This thing went bad. They’re like, well, maybe you shouldn’t do that because you’re only bringing the negative. So that’s another thing, your words. And your actions can cause people to worry where they will say things and you’re thinking they’re being negative. But in reality, they’re reacting to the problem that you presented. Yeah. And don’t take business to bed last year.

Absolutely. And, and I will say that, um, in, in my husband’s case, cuz I I’ll rise to his defense. Is that he finally, well, as you mentioned, like longevity was one thing he did see that I was continuing and I was keeping up with it. Yeah. And he also admitted to me at one point too, that he was actually a bit jealous because, because I was pursuing this and he he’s wanted to do some things on the side, but he had been working a nine, nine to five, which was more about an eight to six or seven sometimes. Right himself. And so he, yeah, he that’s, he was really, you know, kind of envious that I was also doing something that I loved and I was enjoying it and he was not as happy in his job.

They actually admire you. I know there were, there were certain times because I am a mom of six where I’m like, okay, I feel really bad for leaving the kids again. And my husband’s like, no, you need to do that because the part of you doing this is so that we can be able to do more things. And he started getting the language. I’m like, oh, he’s repeating stuff to me. OK. So when I would say, I’m not gonna go to this thing cause it’s a week long. He was like, no, you are going to go, we’ll be fine. We’ll be checking in. Yeah. As a matter of fact, he said, we may even show up there. I’m like, okay, great. Let’s do it.

Absolutely. And you are also demonstrating to your children. Yeah. You know what the possibilities are because I will say that I’m, I’m proud to say that my daughter has become an entrepreneur. She’s a web designer. She’s doing great. And you know, and I like to think that part of that is because she, you know, saw mom pursuing her own thing. They Are watching us. They are watching us. I, I can tell with language they use, they would, I can, I know they were listening because when they were very young, they would, um, I spell my name. When people call on the phone, I’m like, Hey, it’s, you know, S H a Y. And I’m like, okay, it’s B as in boy, O Y D is in David, hyphen, G as in girl, I L L so my kids would do that. They’re like, hi, this is Shala SJ. I’m like, really? You all are listening.

And so they are watching us and I do have, um, touring. One is in college right now. One is graduated from college. One. She started her business. She didn’t, she was like, I’m not going to college route. I’m going straight to business. I was okay with that. Hmm. That was another story. People are like, she’s not gonna go to college. I’m like, I really don’t believe college is for everyone. I think college can be great, but trade schools can be amazing. Some people need to just take the leap and just do what they’re going to do. Things are different now.

Yeah, absolutely. And they can always go back to school later
If it’s needed,
You go, if it’s needed. Yeah, absolutely. So, yeah. And especially with the way it costs nowadays, it’s probably better later. Maybe when you can afford it more, instead of being saddled with
All these, I might be smart about it guys. Be smart.

Yeah, absolutely. Um, what is, is your favorite thing about the work that you do? What really, really lights you up?

I’ve had two, three intensives this week. Um, these are private intensives with clients. And the biggest thing I love to see them do is come to me and say, my life has changed.

And to see it on them, meaning they think bigger. Um, they are more confident. I love to see a woman rise in her confidence. I love to just see her like, look at the things that she’s been able to do over a year and just be in awe of her own things. Like sometimes we’re so focused, we’re in it that we don’t see it. And we’ll just sit, we our intensives at the end of the year, we just sit and we, this is like our joy factor. We review and find all the joy from the year. And even with all the mess that’s going on around you, we can always find some joy points. And I love to see that. I think those are super important.
That’s awesome. Um, is there anything that you wish you had known when you first started out that you’ve learned along the way?

Yeah. Well, for me, very introverted and super independent. The biggest thing I learned is to ask for help. And because I was the ruler of all things, I don’t need any help. I can figure it out. I wasted a lot of time figuring things out. The truth is, and what we know is you can Google anything you can read about anything. So I’m like I, how to queen bookshelf full of how to every course, everything you could think of. Had I taken the leap and found coaches earlier, I could have shortened the path. I don’t regret it, but I always tell people, I’m like jump in early, get the support in the beginning. So you Don have to figure out and unlearn the things that you did wrong. And, and so a lot of us are in this industry, but we’re UN unlearning a lot of old habits that didn’t serve us the way that they needed to serve us. Yeah. I could have avoided some of those.

That’s awesome. Um, yeah. And I’ve been there, been there too, so I could, and late, and, and I was even talking with a, a prospect not too long ago too. And she’s like, yes, I’ve taken like 60 courses and, and all this stuff. And, and she, we, we both sort of agreed that the program I was talking to her about is like, no, it’s not right for me. I’m like, yeah, I can, I can see that. Cause she’s not, she’s not right. And she doesn’t have the mindset of thinking big enough yet because she’s still sort of mired in the weeds with, with what she’s got going on. Um, is there anything that I should have asked you that I haven’t asked you yet that you’d like to share?

No, I don’t think it’s anything that you’ve not asked me, but the bigger thing I would love to leave your audience with is really be okay with trusting yourself. Again, there’s so much noise. You have to trust yourself. And it’s the hardest thing to do. We would think that would be the easiest thing to do. Sometimes it’s the hardest piece of the puzzle to trust yourself, trust your intuition and be okay. Be okay. Being who you are.

Mm, awesome. Uh, I appreciate that so much. It is a really good lesson and yeah, cuz I’ve, uh, I’ve been there or two and when you’re pretending, you know, or, and it’s not really pretending, but you’re just, you know, you see other people succeeding. So you think you have to do the same thing as they do. And sometimes a little bit of that works, but you still have to be able to infuse it with you. You’ve gotta be able to have it filter through your lens, your experie, your language. You can’t just take somebody else’s words and try to make them fit you because people are gonna see that.

Well, even when you have the mask on and you’re trying to be a neutral maybe, or as if some other person I used to have clients come in, they’ll work with me. They’re like, I had no idea that you were like this because I was hiding all of the greatness. You know, they didn’t experience it until they paid to work with me. And people would say, people need to know that you really are this person, but I was very stoic about it. I’m like, no, I’m put together. I it’s just like this. And I was like, okay, well that’s a lot of work Shayla, come on. Let’s just free yourself. Okay. Just let yourself be out there. The right people will be, they’ll be attracted to it.

That’s yes. That’s the important point to remember is that yeah, you are meant there are people out there who you’re meant to work with and who are gonna re not re resonate, resonate with you. Not only your message, but actually with you, I think even on like a heart centered level, they’re gonna connect with you and that’s who you’re meant to work with. Yeah, absolutely.

I have enjoyed our discussion so much and I know that I’m at least I’m trusting that everybody else has as well. And there’s probably some folks out there who would love to learn more about you. So how can they do that? Where’s the best place to connect with you?

Yeah. The best place to go. You can go to, um, my website, and we have an amazing free masterclass on there. I’d love to connect with you there.

Awesome. Well, I will be sure and have that in the show notes as well. And, and, uh, thank you again for being here today. I really appreciate it. You are, you are a light in the world and I, I love talking to likeminded people. Like It’s been a joy, so thank you,

Right. Well, I, and I appreciate all of you out there. Who’ve been watching and, uh, listening. I was like my dad. Yes. What am I saying? Uh, and I also just saw a recent new review on apple. So thank you so much. I, I forgot the person’s name. I think it was something I’ll have to get it for the next time around, but thank you. You know, you know who you are, you, you posted a review on like November 8th, so thank you so much for that. I really appreciate it. And, uh, keep, keep listening, keep watching, you know, we have new episodes come out every Friday and lately, even some on Mondays as well. So, um, until next time as always, I encourage you to go out and not only today, but every day and live fully love, deeply and engage authentically.

Did you know that a majority of entrepreneurs tend to discount the importance of their work and a good number? Feel their success is simply due to luck. I know from personal experience that self-doubt can keep you from having the kind of life and business you desire. That’s why I’ve created a free guide called uniquely you how to move from self-doubt to self love in four simple steps to claim your free guide, go to live love, that’s live love,

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