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Achieve Agelessness: How to Embrace the Power and Joy of Getting Older

Some people fear getting older because of the physical changes it can bring as well as a potential loss of independence and being a burden on loved ones. In this blog article, you’ll learn how Ruth Yunker achieved ageless confidence and joy in her life; a journey that involves a healthy lifestyle, writing, modeling, and traveling. Ruth Yunker is an inspiration to many, having published three books, taught yoga for seven years, traveled to Paris and began modeling at the age of 73. Ruth shared the benefits of living an ageless lifestyle in a recent interview for my Live. Love. Engage. podcast. Read on to learn more about her experience with getting older.

Ruth Yunker

About Ruth Yunker

Meet Ruth Yunker, an amazing 73-year-old writer, humorist, traveler, and fledgling model. She has written and published three books, two of which were about her stays in Paris, and her current book is called Baby, I’m the Boss of Me: My Journey to Ageless. Ruth’s journey of aging has been met with joy, personal power, and a healthy sense of humor. Ruth is an early morning person and enjoys traveling to Paris, where she has grown to love the culture and the city’s spirit. She believes in being polite, dressing appropriately, and learning to do things the “Parisian way” in order to be better understood.

Why is it important to live an ageless lifestyle?

Living an ageless lifestyle is an important part of staying healthy and happy as we age. When you can live an ageless lifestyle, it encourages us to maintain healthy habits throughout our lives that will keep us active and healthy for years to come. An ageless lifestyle means focusing on eating nutritious foods, regular physical activity, adequate sleep, stress management, and maintaining a positive outlook on life. These habits can have a profound effect on our overall health and can help us remain physically and mentally fit in our later years.

Living an ageless lifestyle also helps us to stay connected to our community and to the people around us. By participating in social activities, participating in meaningful work, and staying engaged in our hobbies, we can continue to enjoy life and find joy after age 60. An ageless lifestyle also means having a sense of purpose and engaging in activities that bring us pleasure. This can help us to feel content and fulfilled.

Ruth’s Journey to Agelessness

During my interview with Ruth, I asked her why she decided to write her latest book, Baby, I’m the Boss of Me. She explained that she has been writing for 40 years but decided to transition to writing humorous stories and memoir essay type stuff. She wanted to write what she wanted, and to share her story with others. After she turned 70, she noticed how people reacted to her age and wanted to write a book that would show how aging could be done with joy, personal power, and humor.

Here are the steps Ruth used to embrace agelessness that you can use in your own life:

Step 1. Explore New Activities

Ruth shared that she has been exploring the world of modeling. She has gotten professional headshots and has had a few call-backs from auditions. She explained that it has been hard to fit modeling into her current lifestyle, but she continues to take on new things, be brave, and remain curious. She also talks about how she used to hate Paris, but now she loves it and visits often. She has found her own areas and enjoys the charm of the Parisian kids.

Ruth said that her book is written so people can understand that aging doesn’t have to mean giving up on living life to the fullest. She wants to inspire others to take on new challenges, no matter their age. She also talks about how it’s important to take care of yourself, both through physical and mental health.

Ruth’s story is inspiring, and she shows us that it’s never too late to follow your dreams. She encourages people to take risks, no matter their age, and to not be afraid of failure. She says that when you’re older, it’s even more important to be brave and to trust yourself. Ruth’s book is an inspiring read for anyone, no matter their age. It’s a reminder that life is an adventure and it’s never too late to take control of your own destiny.

Step 2: Practice a Healthy Lifestyle

When Ruth Yunker stopped drinking at age 50, it marked a major turning point in her life and laid the groundwork for her writing journey. She decided to focus on writing stories with humor and to start traveling to Paris regularly. She turned to yoga as her practice and taught it for seven years. This gave her the physical and mental space to focus on her writing and to explore her journey to agelessness.

Yoga has been a powerful tool for Ruth Yunker in her journey to agelessness. She says that it has helped her stay grounded and connected to her true self. She believes that yoga is a great practice to help one stay in the present moment and to become aware of the moment-to-moment changes in the body. Ruth believes that yoga has helped her to accept the changes that come with age and to embrace them with grace.

She encourages people to try yoga as a practice and to be patient with themselves as they learn. If you’re going to take up yoga, it’s good to start with simple poses to get an understanding of the basics and then gradually adding more complex poses and sequences. It’s wise to attend a few classes with a qualified teacher to get a better understanding of the practice. Finally, Ruth encourages people to be mindful of their progress and to enjoy the journey.

During our interview, Ruth recommended taking on new things with bravery, openness, and curiosity. When you travel, Ruth said it’s important to embrace local cultures and customs, such as dressing appropriately and being polite. That’s what she did when she lived in Paris. She also explored the areas where real Parisians live, rather than just the tourist spots. Ruth also spoke about how she enjoyed the city by sitting in the cathedrals and exploring the streets.

Step 3: Remember Age is Just a Number

Ruth shared how she had a meltdown on her 70th birthday, but she eventually realized that age is meaningless. This may be a difficult thing to realize, but it can be done with a healthy sense of humor and personal power. Start by recognizing the societal stereotypes about age and the way you think about it. It is easy to get into the mindset that age is defined by a number, but it does not have to be this way. Instead, focus on how you feel and how you are living your life. Think back to how you felt when you reached your 60th birthday and remember the joy you felt that day. That same joy can be present even as you age up to 70 and beyond.

Next, look within yourself and evaluate how you feel. If you don’t feel any different than you did when you were younger, then you can embrace the idea that age is meaningless. You don’t have to conform to anyone else’s expectations of what it means to be over 70. Celebrate the fact that you are still living and that you still have the capacity to try new things. Take a moment to reflect on the things you have accomplished in your life and be proud of the journey you have taken.

Finally, look for ways to incorporate the idea of agelessness into your life. Take on a new challenge or hobby and make sure it is something you truly love. Connect with others who share similar passions and interests and make sure to prioritize your own joy and happiness. Age does not have to limit your life.

When you reach the age of 70, it is important to recognize the milestones and accomplishments that you have achieved in your life and to be proud of yourself. Celebrate your age and all that it has taught you. Talk to your friends and family about how you feel and share your wisdom. You can also look to the future and think about how you want to spend the years ahead. With each passing year, you can strive to create more lasting memories and to make the most of your life.

Finally, it is important to remember that age is only a number. Everyone grows and evolves in different ways and at different speeds. Find joy in the present moment and focus on the positive aspects of your life. Age does not determine your worth or your potential, and it does not have to define you. Instead, focus on the things that make you feel alive and fulfilled and use those to help guide you through life. Age is nothing but a number, and it doesn’t have to limit your life.

In conclusion, living an ageless lifestyle is important to staying healthy and happy in our later years. Through her own journey, Ruth Yunker has discovered the importance of taking on new things with bravery and curiosity, dedicating time each day to writing, traveling to Paris and learning to do things the Parisian way, and launching a modeling career. It is a reminder that no matter how old you are, you can embrace agelessness and live a life full of joy, personal power, and a healthy sense of humor. Take the first step today and start living an ageless lifestyle.

I’d love to hear how you plan to live an ageless live of confidence and joy. Leave me a comment or drop any questions you want me to answer!

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