Top 10 Reasons NOT to Use LeadPages (and One Reason to Jump Onboard!)

December 8, 2014 Gloria 0 Comments

LeadPagesHave you heard about LeadPages? The company touts itself as The “Internet’s Easiest ‘Next Generation’ Lead Generation Platform.” Big talk, right? The proof is in the pudding.

Here are my Top 10 Reasons why you should NOT use LeadPages:

1. You have enough leads already. Why use a product that lets you build an awesome looking landing page using proven high-converting sales templates? Not you! You’re already making enough money to maintain a lifestyle that makes Donald Trump envious, right?

2. You live and breathe HTML code.
There’s no sense using a product that lets you customize a landing page or setup a webinar registration page in less than 5 minutes. What would you do with all the extra time you normally spend writing and testing code? Read a book? Do some holiday shopping? Spend time with your family?

3. You don’t believe in A/B testing. Why would you want to use a product that lets you tweak a headline or try out a new design to see which one converts better? You don’t need to run tests. You’re confident that you have the best ad copy and design in your industry. That’s why you’re rolling in the dough, right?

4. You know pop-up boxes annoy website visitors. What website visitor in their right mind would respond to a LeadBox that promises to offer something of value if they opt-in to your list at the end of a blog article? That’s just dumb!

5. Analytics bore you. Only nerds would love LeadPages’ built-in analytics that allow you to see in seconds how your LeadPages and LeadBoxes are performing. You don’t need to keep track of conversion rates, unique visitors and graphical analysis of how your marketing assets are trending over time.

LeadPages analytics

6. Your uber-cheap web hosting provider never suffers an outage. There’s no need for you to invest in LeadPages just because they have Google’s fastest, most reliable hosting to boost your conversions even further.

7. Your users love typing their email address on your opt-in forms. They’re not lazy. And besides, why on earth would you want a higher opt-in rate because your LeadPage contains pre-populated fields?

8. Facebook marketing is overrated. There’s no need for you to have one-click Facebook registration to capture your users’ best email addresses.

lp facebook

9. Your clients can fend for themselves. Why would you help your clients get more leads by easily setting up LeadPages and LeadBoxes for their websites? You do enough for them already. They wouldn’t appreciate the extra effort on your part, would they?

10. You don’t need to use the same product that the Internet’s most trusted experts use. Who cares if best-selling author Michael Port, Founder James Schramko and MindValleyHispano CEO Juan Martitiegui use LeadPages? You don’t have be in the same league as those people. Your business is just fine. You have plenty of leads and plenty of sales to keep you busy, don’t you?

If you haven’t caught on by now, I hope you can see that I’ve been quite facetious in this article. I am a proud LeadPages customer! I have been amazed at how easy it is to create beautiful landing pages. I’ve used it to grow my subscriber list and to attract registrants for my webinars.

Because I am such a happy LeadPages customer, I decided to become an affiliate of their product. If you would like to learn more about LeadPages, click this link. And if you wind up buying the product, I will receive a small commission. But I guarantee that you will be happy with them, and so does LeadPages. They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. So what have you got to lose? Plus, they offer webinar trainings all the time, so you can learn the best strategies to use the product to grow your subscriber list and generate more leads for your product/service.

LeadPages is just one marketing tool that I’ve found useful for my business. Click this link to get a PDF detailing my other favorite marketing tools for small business.

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