How to Do Content Marketing when You don’t Feel Like it

February 7, 2018 Gloria 0 Comments

procrastination and content marketingHave you ever had one of those days when you know you gotta “do content marketing,” but you just don’t feel like it?

I’ve been there.

Today, as a matter of fact!

Actually, it was more like SEO copywriting. My client wants me to write a page of content for his website to help with his google ranking, and as much as I knew it needed to get done, I just couldn’t get there. I wrote one sentence and surfed Facebook. Then I looked at my emails. Then I went downstairs to get a cup of tea. Read more…

Social Media Marketing Trends Survey – Part 1 [PODCAST]

October 13, 2015 Gloria 0 Comments

social media marketing trends survey

If you’re using social media as a marketing tool, it’s good to know what the latest trends are so you can plan your strategy going forward.

In today’s podcast, I share some of the results from a social media marketing trends survey that Ascend2 conducted this year. The company and its research partners completed interviews with 294 marketing, sales and business professionals around the world. One of the key points they uncovered during the survey is that creating compelling content for social media marketing purposes is not only the most effective strategy used, but it’s also the most difficult to execute.

You can listen to the episode above, or on iTunes or Stitcher (where I’d LOVE to get your reviews when you have a moment.) You can also view some of the charts from the survey below:

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Best Practices for Content Marketing

September 22, 2015 Gloria 0 Comments

content marketing By now, you’ve no doubt heard the expression, “Content is King” when it comes to marketing. But that doesn’t mean small business owners are very effective at content marketing.

Here are a few key stats from that drive home the importance of having a good content marketing strategy:

        • The most effective B2B marketers spend 39% of their marketing budgets on content.
        • Visual content is a key component in each of the top five most effective B2B marketing tactics.
        • Forty-seven percent of the most effective B2C content marketers have a documented strategy, while only 5% of the least effective do. This trend is mirrored in B2B content marketing, where 54% of the most effective practitioners have a documented strategy, compared with 11% of the least effective.

    I was recently interviewed by Media Shower about the best practices for content marketing as part of their Expert Interview program. Click here to read the interview and let me know what you think!

Why You Need Good Writing Skills for Business [PODCAST]

September 3, 2015 Gloria 0 Comments

writing skills

Do you think you’re a good writer? I’ve met many small business owners who say, “No!”

Good writing skills are important, especially when it comes to content marketing. Having a good command of grammar, punctuation and spelling could be the key to closing a sale. Think about it. How likely would you be to buy from a company if their infographics, white papers, and emails are loaded with spelling, punctuation and grammatical mistakes?

In today’s podcast, I talk about the value of good writing and how it may factor into your ability to earn more money in a given profession.

You can listen to episode above, or on iTunes or Stitcher (where I’d LOVE to get your reviews when you have a moment.)

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Content Marketing & the Power of Repurposing [PODCAST]

August 14, 2015 Gloria 0 Comments

One of the challenges small business owners have is coming up with new content to share on social media.

Content marketing is a great way to attract and engage new clients. But it can be time consuming, unless you leverage your content and distribute it in new ways. In today’s podcast, I talk about the power of repurposing and share some tips on how you can reuse and recycle your content effectively.

You can listen to today’s episode above, or on iTunes or Stitcher (where I’d LOVE to get your reviews when you have a moment.)

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