How Regular Blogging Helped Boost Monthly Page Views for Elegant Custom Images

November 4, 2014 Gloria 0 Comments

monthly page viewsThink blogging is a waste of time for your small business?

Think again!

I was able to help an Orlando landscape lighting company boost the total monthly page views for its website, an average of 39% percent over a 6 month period through regular blogging.

Elegant Custom Images contacted me in 2012 because the company wasn’t getting many phone calls or leads for its landscape lighting services. The company relied heavily on its website as a marketing tool, but the site wasn’t consistently ranking on page one of search results for local keywords.

Upon examination of the website, I concluded it needed a major overhaul from an SEO standpoint. The web pages needed keyword-rich title and description tags, as well as benefit-driven, keyword-rich content for prospective customers. After optimizing the website, I turned my attention to the company’s blog.

The owner of Elegant Custom Images had started a blog, but was only posting about one article a month, on average. I immediately started writing and publishing three to four blog articles per month. The articles addressed his prospects’ questions about landscape lighting, and included relevant keywords. I also shared the articles on social media sites, and within a few months, page views started to climb as you can see in the graphic below:

elegant custom graph

The owner of the company also let me know during this time that he was getting more calls from targeted prospects as a result of all the changes to the website.

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