Ignite Your Creativity and Commitment So You Can Achieve Next Level Results

Create More Influence, Impact and Income with a Mastermind Group

Are you...?

        • Procrastinating, instead of following up with prospects
        • Stressed out by having to be all things to all people
        • Feeling smothered by the “have-tos” and “shoulds" instead of feeling inspired by the "I get tos"
        • Tired of putting ideas to grow your business on the back burner
        • Overwhelmed to the point of indecisiveness
        • Struggling with uneven cash flow
        • Easily distracted

Or maybe...

You need to get the inner voices in your head on the same page and stop them from pulling you in two different directions.

Your logical side says, "You need to get your technology in place, develop systems and marketing strategies!"

While your creative side says, "Let's PLAY!"

This argument doesn't have to be about "either... or." It can be "BOTH... AND."

You can have the THRIVING business you desire, without sacrificing your PASSION and CREATIVITY.

Join a group of dynamic, soulful, women entrepreneurs who are committed to achieving one another’s goals and dreams consistently through the power of a Mastermind group.

What is a Mastermind Group?

Why Masterminds Matter

As an entrepreneur, you enjoy the flexibility of being able to work anywhere. You call your own shots and decide what to work on in any given day.

But that’s where the problems start.

Without a boss keeping you on task, you can get distracted and waste time scrolling through Facebook.

And without any co-workers, you don’t have anyone to bounce ideas off of either.

That's a recipe for business failure.

Not your ideal outcome!

frazzled entrepreneur

That’s why masterminds are so powerful. You get to connect with a group of people that meet together regularly. You set goals, encourage and provide feedback, and hold each other accountable to achieve your goals by the next meeting.

Masterminds have been around for a long time. The term was popularized by Napoleon Hill in his classic book, “Think and Grow Rich.” He believed that harmonious groups of two or more people who come together for a specific purpose, or around a specific topic, bring forth the power of creativity and support that you can’t find when you go it alone.

The 3 Keys to Mastermind Success

A mastermind group succeeds when it has these 3 elements:

1) The Structure: Without a strong structure, mastermind groups tend to devolve into social gatherings or simply fade away. The structure ensures equal contribution and participation as well as maximum effectiveness.

2) The Commitment: The group must take priority in your life or you may as well not bother. Make this a priority and your life can literally transform. It is easy to let this, like other commitments in our life slide – with the same undesirable consequences:  Reduced trust in yourself and others. Fewer results and progress on goals that are important to you. Far less pro-active support for your dreams.

3) The People: The harmony created between like-minded people who are committed to growing, evolving and manifesting for themselves and others can propel everyone involved to new heights of achievement. Different perspectives can serve to ensure that people are seeing all sides of the equation. But people who are too dissimilar can struggle to find common ground and bring discord to the group.

Whether you've hit a plateau in your business, or you need some fresh ideas for growth, the Fired Up Mastermind provides the creative spark you need to fuel your company's success.

What You Receive

        • The support you need and the loving, but firm push to get things done!
        • A monthly accountability partner to assess progress, and keep each other on track
        • Fire up your clarity and creative solutions by brainstorming with others
        • Relax in a safe place to gain new perspective or to try out new ideas
        • Seasoned expert advice and a whole vast network of resources

What You Give

        • Your expertise and resources for the benefit of the group
        • Enthusiasm, passion and encouragement for your mastermind
        • Your unwavering commitment to show up at EVERY meeting
        • Your participation ensures the group’s success in everyone achieving their goals

How does it work?


Fill out an application. If you're a good fit, we'll schedule a call to discuss your goals and contribution. Once you are accepted, you will be provided with a link to accept payment.

We will meet about every two weeks so we keep the momentum going!

Open your heart. Be willing to be vulnerable, to share and support others, and to expand your vision past what you thought was possible! 

What's Included

        • A Monthly Mastermind Meeting: (2-3 hours) depending on the size of the group. Each member receives focused attention of the group to address a specific challenge. Clarify and lift any anchors that are keeping you stuck. Celebrate successes and wins.
        • Monthly Connection/Teaching/Coaching Calls: Depending on the needs of the group, I may teach you something or bring in experts to teach you. We may have a group coaching call or a short mastermind to support each other as needed.
        • Accountability & Support: You'll be paired with an accountability partner so you are both supporting each other, and making sure you each have the wind beneath your sails to carry forward. In addition, you will be asked to share your goals with the entire group so that you can also be excited and have a greater degree of accountability.
        • Individual Coaching: You will have one Intake Strategy Session to set your course for the year, and then 3 individual sessions - one per quarter to keep you moving forward, so you don't ever lose momentum!
        • Access to a Private Facebook Community: You will have access to a private Facebook community where you can post questions, ask for feedback, share your progress and successes, and have unlimited access to each others' expertise and support. The more you put in the more you get out.
        • Community, Support & Fun: The biggest advantage is that you will have a close-knit community of like minded creative women solopreneurs with a big heart who are making a legendary impact in the world! You will be inspired and your mindset will elevate as you expand and support each other to new heights! And, we will have FUN! I believe that all work and no play leads us to burn-out and boredom. In order to activate and unleash our full potential, we need to infuse fun and play into what we do. This will be more evident when we meet for our LIVE retreat!

I can't wait to have us working together, co-creating brilliance and setting the world on fire!


Reserve your seat before they're all sold out! 

Your Mastermind Facilitator - Gloria Grace Rand

As a solopreneur since 2009, I've helped a wide variety of businesses attract, engage and convert more online sales.  I've given numerous presentations to networking groups and run multi-day workshops on SEO and social media marketing.

As a trained facilitator, and former writer/producer for Nightly Business Report on PBS, I'll share my experiences, wisdom and resources to help you grow professionally and personally. You'll have my undivided attention, my full support and my 100% commitment to your growth and success. I hope you'll join me for a year of learning and growing in a dynamic, energetic, supportive, positive and enjoyable Mastermind group. 

The Investment 

Remember - this is an investment in YOU, in YOUR vision, YOUR business, and YOUR ability to make a meaningful difference in the world!

Mastermind groups have a required additional 2-3 hour meeting prior to the start of the monthly meetings.  Space is limited to ten participants, so avoid disappointment and apply today!




Commitment Day (Value: $497)

2.5 Hour Monthly Mastermind Meeting  (Value: $3,500)

Monthly "Connection & Ignition" Call  (Value: $1,200)

Accountability (Value: Priceless!)

4 (50 min.) Individual Coaching Calls (Value: $800)

 Access to Private Facebook Community  

COST: $3,564         VALUE: $5,997


We offer a money back guarantee.  If you have attended every Mastermind session, participated fully, and completed all assignments but don't feel you've accomplished what you set out to do, simply turn in all of your notes and homework and we will refund you the cost of your Mastermind.

Why do i need to apply?

It's simple. Even though I know everyone can benefit from a Mastermind, not everyone in the group will benefit the other members. 

In order to ensure that this will be a WORTHWHILE investment for you, I will select people who are deeply committed to success, who bring value to the group, and who will help you create more success, abundance & impact in your life!

That means I will choose individuals who will be a good fit for the group and who will be as invested in giving as they are about receiving. 

And, going through the application process will also help YOU clarify what you want and commit to your goals. 

I will review your application and get back to you within 48 hrs. We will then meet via Skype or Zoom for an in-person interview before you are fully vetted :-). 

This is NOT for You...

If you’re content with the number of leads and sales you generate each month.

If you’re unwilling to ask for help.

If you have an unlimited supply of ideas to grow your business.

If you thrive on self-accountability and can’t imagine passing the torch to anyone else.

If you have systems in place to easily manage marketing your business online.

If you’re unwilling to share your time, expertise, and resources to support other mastermind members.

This IS for You...

If you want to infuse your business with more creativity and personal flair, but you don’t know how or feel like you can’t.  

If you’re tired of being the “best kept secret in town.”

If you’re not sure how to reach your perfect clients on a consistent basis.

If you’re frustrated because there aren’t enough hours in the day to manage your business AND your personal life.

If you’re willing to invest in tools, tactics and support to grow your business.

If you’re willing to share your time, expertise, and resources to help other mastermind members achieve their goals. 

It's Time to Do Something Good for You! 


(Mastermind is limited to 10 members) 



We will meet via Zoom. It's a technology similar to Skype that will allow us to interact in real time and also work together in small groups.  We will also meet in person for the retreat where we will have a greater opportunity to bond, have transformational activities, and have fun!


We'll determine the days and time once the group is formed to maximize everyone's schedules and attendance. 


No way! Masterminds are all about interaction. You get out of it what you put into it. There will be some listening during the calls. But each member will be expected to participate, to share their challenges, experience, resources and encouragement for the good of the group. Please be in a quiet environment where you won't be disturbed! 


Absolutely! You can do an email introduction or share the link to the page so they can apply and I will meet with them to determine if they are a good fit for the group. Remember this is an exclusive group, and we will keep it small. 10 people will be the maximum number of members. 


I plan to record each meeting so you can go back and review. It is expected that you will attend the Mastermind calls (1x a month), and as much as possible the connection calls (1 x month). I understand life may happen, but if you miss several meetings we will have a conversation as to whether you are still a fit for the group. Remember, the power of the group is in having the commitment of everyone to support one another. Showing up on the occasions when YOU need support is selfish and undermines the cohesion and success of the entire group. 

If you are ready to get different results, get ready to take different action! 


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