[INFOGRAPHIC] Why Social Media is Essential for Customer Service

November 2, 2017 Gloria 0 Comments

social media customer service
If your customers are on social media, your business better be there too. Customer service can be handled effectively through networks like Twitter and Facebook. And companies that ignore these channels, do so at their peril.

Case in point. I recently tried to buy tickets online to see Book of Mormon. The theater’s website wouldn’t let me finish the transaction. It was especially frustrating because I only had a limited amount of time to complete the purchase before the website released my seats to be purchased by someone else.

So, what did I do? I couldn’t find a phone number for the box office on the theater’s website, (shame on them – but that’s a story for another day), so I went to Twitter and tweeted my problem to the theater. I got a response within 2-3 minutes!  Here is our conversation through direct message:

twitter customer service

Within five minutes from that message, I received a call from the theater, and they were able to get me the tickets I wanted.

I then returned the favor and tweeted this out to my followers:

twitter customer service shoutout

This is just one reason why it pays to monitor social media channels for potential customer service problems. As the following infographic from Website Builder  points out, 71 percent of consumers with positive social customer care experience are likely to recommend the brand to others. And there’s a big disconnect between a company’s belief in their customer service response and what customers actually think of it.

80% of companies say they deliver exceptional social media customer service, but... Click To Tweet
...only 8% of customers agree. Click To Tweet

Check out the full infographic below:

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