[INFOGRAPHIC] How to Prospect for Leads More Effectively

July 26, 2017 Gloria 0 Comments

prospect for leads

Sales, without a doubt, are a very important aspect of business. Most likely, companies rely on their sales in order to survive and sustain their day to day operations. That is why business owners have to make sure that all the parts of their sales process are planned effectively to ensure positive results. This means that salespeople (or yourself – if you’re a solopreneur!) must execute all the steps of the sales process, which begins in sales prospecting.

Sales prospecting is the process by which the sales person verifies the customer’s desire to finally purchase the product and service of the business. While prospecting might seem a simple task, many people find it very challenging to achieve a significant number of qualified prospects especially since the competition in the market these days is getting tougher.

LinkedIn is a great tool to use for sales prospecting. I’ve written about it in the past, and shared a blog post that discusses 4 Ways to Turn Cold Calls into Warm Leads.

To help you or your sales team prospect for leads more effectively, here is an infographic from Business Coaches Sydney which discusses the different sales prospecting techniques that will surely increase your prospects list.

prospect for leads

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